Covid jab

So I was scheduled for the covid jab today since it seems health workers are being “forced” to take the jab but looking through our forums i found out countless hcw turning positive from the jab. Lets say ive not turned up and my phone cant stop buzzing. Why are they killing us?[ATTACH=full]354908[/ATTACH]

Did he/she take a Covid test before taking the vaccine? Did it come out negative?

Taking a vaccine after you already have Covid is useless.

None of these Covid vaccines contains any hint of the actual covid virus. Whether weak or attenuated.
They are not made like traditional vaccines, so there is literally no chance of getting Covid from them.

You may get other side effects, but not covid.

The kenyann jab was diluted must be a fake one. Probably diluted with water or cow’s urine. Meanwhile, other countries are banning that astraretenga vaccine as we beg for it.

Endea vaccine, pata cancer within the next 2 years, filisisha your whole immediate clan and we will come dance on your grave for being a fool. Sitachoka kuwaambia KURONA issa SCAMM

Hiyo ni ngani tena Mzito ? Hizi vitu ni mingi sana, it’s very hard to keep a tab on them .

Daktari dungwa bila pang’ang’a mingi. Ata sisi tukija kwenu tukiwa wagonjwa huwa hamtupei chance ya ku-question. Unaenda hosi ukiwa na homa alafu unadungwa sindano ya kutibu chikungunya virus.


They are killing you because normal Covid19 disease failed to do the job. Seems shit got worse when the vaccine came.

What’s the main issue(s) with these vaccines ?

Blood clot apparently.

Just a couple of blood clot cases have been reported, with millions of administered doses.
Actually after analysis, the number of blood clot victims is being found to be in line with what you would expect in the general population with or without the vaccine.

So at the core it looks like Europe is punishing the UK for Brexit.
It’s all political.

A lady friend took a jab, and from nowhere, her BP was hitting 120/180, with no history of blood pressure. Is that expected ?

Achana na hiyo ya mkoloni chukua Sputnik V , Sinovac alafu ukule citrus fruits ya Magufuli.:D:D:D

AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine

Hio vaccine sina haja nayo. Heri nifuate Magufuli alikoenda if worst comes to the worst.
If it is needed for travel we have the world renowned University Hospital of River Road to get the only safe genuine covid certificates from.

Ubonobo umekuzidi

Wacha ubonobo unizidi. I’m not getting injected with anything I have grave misgivings about.

This thing is political. Kama haingekua we would let it slide but how can a TZ leader disapprove super powers. They begin at the top and those in the bracket follow. Guy had even started issuing controversial statements which is not the norm. Sai tender za mask zinaiva pale tz

Which county is this where the vaccine is mandatory? That’s a violation of rights

Wait for it

It won’t be made mandatory explicitly. But without it you will be limited in the activities you can take part in. Fortunately we are in a country where you don’t really have to get the vaccine to have a genuine certificate :wink: