Covid: Another politician succumbs, third in a week.

Arap mashamba and the other politicians need to halt these super spreader rallies forthwith!
By end of next week you will notice how cases will have spiked in Central.


Why is this fuckin thing hitting the wrong people

Has Uhuru announced new restrictions? if he has not, he needs to be told to stop all these meetings. Until further notice. And as for those leaving their houses to attend silly gatherings for people who don’t care about you tukutane on the other side plse.
Sisi twaingia Tier 2 kama tumenyamaza kii. All because some folk cannot do the bare basics. Sanitize, wear a mask, maintain social distancing and most importantly stay indoors unless it is a must do!!!
Ferk the Chinese:saitan:…sorry…

Mimi nilisema MP akikufa hapo base yetu na nunulia kila Mtu whitecap mbili. Nyama wajisimamie

Like some savage elder rightfully asked, why are the wrong people dying?
Corona should at least kill half the corrupt idiots in gava

Super spreaders

This thing is not hitting the right people