Covid 69: Watoto watasikia maneno!!

My neighbour has been pounding from as early as 8pm! #Covid69

He he he.



In our culture it’s an abomination to listen or watch your parents fuck ( in this case parents can be extended to include the agemates of your parents and your parents close relatives). So for this boy he should be advised to make use of his earphones and stop complaining.

Kwani anafikiria alitoka wapi?!
Aache wazazi wakule uroda :D:D:D:D

Watu watoke nyumba za babao. I started living in my own simba nikiwa class 5,thou i shared it with my elder bro.

So who’s simba was it, your’s or your elder brother’s ? Anyway point noted

:D:D:D:D:D… Plus you forgot to say… And started paying your own school fees:D:D:D:D

Hahah…just reminded me of that scene in Forrest Gump, where the dude’s mom had to shag some principle to get him (Gump) admitted in school.

Boy should hit back in a way that the mom will be ashamed to bring the dude home again

The parents are stupid. They should have bought a hi-fi system or radio for the young man/girl and several music records. Let the kid listen to music 24/7 as you pound each other.

Sio lazima a moan

Utamu wa sex ni mwanamke kufanya moaning. As loud as possible. Ama some obscene words whispered into your ears like, “Oh Mike, fuck me harder, destroy that thing you Dogg, oh fuuuuuuck me. Aaah!”

kwani inaitwa Michael Mbitika


Agreed more

Michael Rugwiti. Check me on FB uone picha yangu