Covid 19 vaccine for sale.

I was just talking to my folks today, my dad has refused to go for the vaccine…I’m not surprised. Yeye na conspiracy theories go hand in hand.
My mum on the other hand went to the local clinic and shock on her when she was told to pay 500 bob for the injection. She showed them the middle finger and returned to the farm to continue with her work.

Everytime I think people in authority have reached a new low they keep surprising me by showing me they can go even lower.
What kind of fuckerry is this where some nurses have the audacity to charge old people for a life saving vaccine that is free ?

Nairobi hospital have been sending me messages zakuendea vaccine, hadi nashamgaa if its free ama ni pesa nitalipa?

Hahaha no way it’s free.
If it was a message from GoK then hapo ndio ingekuwa free.

Expose that hospital , it’s free my folks got it !

Wewe hii Vaccine undhani ililetwa na Punda? Ililetwa na ndege na ndege ilitumia fuel. Sasa toa 500 upewe software

I have already reached out to the MoH .
I wish I had a video though…then niweke kwa social media aki.

then despite you having verified the authenticity of the findio from several sources, deepstate waseme ilikuwa fake:-


So true. :smiley:
What’s that word they use.? …ah yes nitaitwo clout chaser. Afadhali I just take action chini ya maji kama kawaida.

Maliza hii tuckertucker.

it is free…the only thing you pay for is a nurse fee of ksh.1500 and ksh.800 for the consumables used to give you the injection…na maybe 350 ukiitisha maji ya kunywa…but vaccine ni free so msiharibie hiyo hospitali jina

Watu wanahongwa

You can bait that chieth.

Got it for free at a council dispensary in 30 minutes. Kuna mihindi iliruka queue so I guess walitoa chai.

:D:D:D:DSawa mkubwa

Freshia tumia mathee mia tano akachukue vaccine kama anataka…

Lakini I thought wewe ndio unafaa kuwa unamwambia awachane na hio umeffi ya vaccine