Covid-19 Tings


This is just an opinion. Where is the scientific proof on what he is blubbering about?

sawa “Dr Kush” , am sure you’re better informed than the good doctor :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

The informed ones choose to follow one doctor who says no while ignoring the 99 who say yes.

Pureblood. Never been vaxxed or swabbed, still has not died from this deadly virus. I am just naturally better than the vaxxed genetically modified “humans”, mudbloods, clotblood.

Real doctors know the repercussions of taking this gene therapy jab, and they are the majority , the pro-vaxers are either dumb or have been bought Of by big pharma, big pharma also control main stream media that’s why all you,'re hear in the news is go take the jab, any doctor with a different opinion is silenced and demonised

99%, :D:D:D:D:D no wonder you’re not among the informed

Apo sawa mujamaa for noticing this, nlichapwa vaxin dose yote 2 by feb na bado nko gangari. Am talking from experience sio riba nmeskia kwa base ya jaba. Alaf hizo variant sijaikutana nazo anywhere.

You probably already have the chemicals luciferase and graphene oxide in your system unless you were lucky to get the placebo jabs on both instances , these chemicals will be used against you in the near future, one of them is highly reactive to certain frequencies and the other transforms chemical energy to photons

Trust me on this one , they will make you take a 3rd, 4th ,5th , jab , in other words you’ll be a slave to the jabs


The “good doctor” is a chiropractor who retired in 1988. Everything he said is bullshit. No wonder you fall for every conspiracy out there

Sasa ona. Unakataa kusoma kazi inabaki kusumbua watu na uvumi. You should at least present debatable reasons. Going with such claims is the same as believing in aliens.

Kindly leave our president who is our guiding light against liberal and leftist excesses out of this.

Tuliwarudisha you go back and cook those things properly. The time you spend here talking rather than cooking hints that wewe ni wa kuita customers waingie. Kindly direct us to your wakubwa whom we can grill about the cooking. Pun intended.

should i call you proff , kwasababu umesoma saaaaana or so you think , i do not need to provide any “datatable” the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture the jabs have listed the chemicals as part of the ingredients that make up the death concoction, i would assume you know how to read being a very learned individual , or are you just a lazy “alien” who wants to be spoon fed ?

my guess is that you are a virologist ?, you know better than the retired chiropractor ?, Wikipedia is gutter press if you have half a brain you should have known that by now .

you’er acting like it only our good doctor who’s against the vax, a little research would tell you a majority of the world leading virologist and vaccine experts are totally against the jab, that includes Dr. Robert Malone the inventor of the mNRA technology

I’m a nutjob expert and you are a Q-nut. Please refer to the previous thread where we settled this issue.


you know better than the retired chiropractor ?

Yes. Anyone who takes chiropractic seriously is obviously a fool. It’s just pseudoscience

Wikipedia is gutter press

Where did I mention Wikipedia?

a majority of the world leading virologist and vaccine experts are totally against the jab
Keep telling yourself that


that includes Dr. Robert Malone the inventor of the mNRA technology

If he’s such a big deal then where’s his scientific paper proving his claims?

Psaki naona uko kazi kabisa. Defending the Biden shitocracy the best way you know how, huh?




Leftists can’t meme. They rely on what conservatives put out there. #poopypantsBiden imewapea stress sana.