Covid- 19 test

A while back i recieved this kit from dubai… its a rapid covid testing kit that uses quantum physics to detect covid 19… you place a clean palm on the black part and your result are out in 30 seconds.
I have tried to find info on the kit but the information is scarce.
Who has come across it…
@dr.n kuja kiasi.


Upussy mtupu?ATI quantum physics?? Foreman wewe rudi kwa mjengo tu hii mambo ingine waachia wataalam

Do your homework… maybe then you might learn something. Wacha kutumia vidole za mguu fukiria…

Hapa ulibebwa ndogo

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That’s how it works, if you block someone without them blocking you, they still see your posts.

Which is sad,

They should not interact with you in any way

Not all them… i have block Patricia and he doesn’t see my posts.

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That idiot cant see my post akose kucomment.


:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Funniest stuff I’ve read this week. Ati quantum what?!

Maliza hiyo class 4 dropout kabisa

Iyam one of those you blocked.I aint blocking you,i still need to laugh nikiona vile unadanganya talkers nikijua wewe ni mtu ya mkono pale kwa mjeii