Covid-19 scam in Uganda.


It’s all theater. :smiley: Where I’m at they’re still doing temperature checks for covid which we know doesn’t work.

I just got a temp check yesterday and it was so funny because the cheap thermometer was collapsing on itself every time she tried to use it.

Its a high time we do something to stop this nonsense

unamaanisha nini theatre? Na uko wapi?

I mean the over sensationalized hygienic measures which paranoid people believe helps curb covid transmission. Niko US, just imagine they still scan our foreheads every morning to check for fever. There’s only one covid patient in the entire hospital, none in the ICU or on a ventilator.

Sanjay Gupta takes the prize here. Remember last year March when we all thought we were going to die from covid, and he taught us how to wash down our groceries? Thank God we can look back at that period in time and laugh about it. :smiley:

for once , everyone washed their hands , hapo siwes complain