Covid-19 Quarantine Idiot-- No Sympathy For Americans..

Americans deserve WORSE. Angepewa 2 years

Muricans:rolleyes:,they will never own up to their mistakes and admit what they have done wrong. Wangefunga yeye hadi time kenya itapewa covid vaccine…if it’ll ever get:D

This is NONSENSE. Do they really want to jail people so badly?!

huyo polisi hana mask when 300K americans have died…si she’ll take corona to her black community…

Yes corona is real, but jailing someone for 4 months because of breaking quarantine rules is over-the-top govt overreach.

Americans are just sometimesplain stupid and very arrogant. When you watch videos of celebrities giving excuses for their infidelity, especially women, you will never understand what exactly they are saying. Ule bibi ya Will Smith maze…

Americans have proved that technological advancement and economic success are not directly proportional to mental intelligence.

It is actually self-entitlement and arrogance that they inhibit…another definition for Spoiled Brats.
They think they can beat any laws… that law is made for others- not them.
You can see it manifesting clearly from the one only- Donald J Drump


The family of an American college student is appealing to the U.S. government for help as she faces a four-month prison sentence after pleading guilty to breaking the Cayman Islands’ mandatory 14-day Covid-19 isolation protocols for visitors.

Her family said they appealed directly to President Donald Trump, whose office wrote back that her case would be forwarded to the “appropriate” federal agency, likely the U.S. State Department.

The attorney representing Mack and her boyfriend, Jonathon Hughes, said four months in prison — an upgraded sentence from community service — would have “a particularly harsh effect on her.”

Family of U.S. teen jailed in Cayman Islands asks Trump for help (