COVID-19 Millionaires pale NTV

Wadau, we are doomed as a nation and society. How can we loot that which is meant for the poor?

That’s a new low

Despite the fact that Kenya is a strongly religious country, we happen to loot dry our coffers with each opportunity. Unlike non religious countries. @Purple @T.Vercetti

Mcoondu nyinyi…mnalia hapa ju hamna opportunity… wivu …given chance u would loot even harder


There are ZERO successful negro governed countries or even states. That speaks volumes. Africans are just slightly intelligent than ape by a very narrow margin. That is a fact. Keep blaming the white man.

Enslavement… call Arabs in to save yall

We need a dictatorship asap. 40 years of iron fist rule. Fer,k negroes

Haujui kitu unasema and I am an atheist.

Where do you think pesa hutoka ya kujenga apartments zinakaa vacant for years na hawapunguzi rent ama selling price?? The only people who can do that ni wenye hawakuchokea hiyo pesa i.e stolen $$$.

Katambe kabisa

Unless you are ready to shed blood and fight for real independence, forget about this liberalization and continue paying taxes since you are now slaves. Then continue to clap when the kings, queens and their nieces and henchmen collect all those taxes for personal use. In fact they extended the term of the chief taxman by 2 more years to continue auctioning and impoverishing the slaves!

Wow, hata kama ni self-hate umezidi sasa. Peleka your stupid opinions mbali, nobody wants to listen to your pathetic, self-hating rubbish takataka mbwa wewe. Katombwe na wazungu.

Bring back the old constitution.Hii mpya hakuna mahali inatupeleka.I hear they want to amend it some more.

Nyinyi mnahitaji enslavement hata si colonization

It will still pass unnoticed

And who asked your opinion empty-head? Oh boy, it’s like this thread is just crawling with idiots left, right and center.

Kshs 43,000,000,000 missing
Jack Ma’s donated kits sold to TZ

Kwanza hii prism towers

Are you sure,you are as gullible as the rest of commoners.TZ kept away from this covid thing why would they have needed the kits.J

Na Raila anafikiri referendum ya 2 billion ya kuzuia Ruto ndio solution

Wadau, there’s something I need to show you to connect something. Mnakumbuka some con guy who had many IDs posted here ati mara DCI, KRA, EACC and I cant remember where else? Hebu mtafute hiyo thread and I will show you why today’s expose has a lot of loopholes…

If someone can fish it, I will prove something.