Yesterday Mgtow chief received his message that he should visit this shithole facility for his second COVID-19 jab . Today I decided to pay this hell hole a visit and receive my jab and be on my way,as usual long queue s and arrogant staff .What pissed me off is after some time they stopped administering the jab ATI the nurses were tired ,sema commotion and emotion heating up ,the chief nurse was one arrogant piece of shit ,she just told guys to take her wherever we wanted ,she just left the old and sickly without a care in the world ,I just left but I felt sad and pity for those who can’t afford this crucial jab…end of rant.

Ati mimi I received that sms like 3 days back. Kama ni hivyo wacha ikae. Will find somewhere else

Yani mnapigania dosage yenye hujui what its laced with and you have the guts to call the nurses on their bs?

Enda uka rant kwa health and wellness section. Ama kwa coronavirus updates section.How has this got to do with sex n relationships? Ama ulikuwa unataka kukamua hiyo nurse mzee while there?. Brary fakin

Samehea Mimi elder ,I was just so pissed of nikaweka thread wrong category ,@Electronics4u ,@Mundu Mulosi Bs Ms Ma PhD and ScD hamisha thread kwa general category tafadhali.

Why do people go to over crowded hospitals like mbagathi, mama Lucy , kenyatta etc for general services and vaccines? There are nice government hospitals in the outskirts of Nairobi that are nice with few people

Like which one?

Like in kiambu, level 3/4 hospitals like Gachie, wangige etc.

Go to Mathare North Health clinic, no queue, at most 5-6 people, you will get a very efficient doc and team.

I thought MGTOW birrioneas huenda Karen Hospital ama Aga Khan wakienda chini sana Gertrude’s.

Kwani wanaenda zenye mere mortals tunaenda. Hawaogopi kuambukizwa foot and mouth na peasants :smiley:

Mathare na Dandora mimi hu picture wezi wakitembea mchana na panga na bunduki wakiibia na kuuwa watu

Got there when the commotion started as well…hio ya leo imeniwaste…I’m looking for alternative locations even up country mambo ya queuing esp without social distance ni ujinga of the highest order…ninjas were too close together

Took my 1st jab this morning at Coast Gen Hosp.Arrived at 7.30 am left at 10am.Process began at 9am,when leaving turnout was about 200

Si mliambiwa vaccines hazina usefulness?

Mtaa wa D ulibadilika sana mkuu ,nimesurvive from 2018

…Tembea hizo mitaa ni very safe, kayole ndio a no go zone.

Akona Hessy bado wanasafisha kijiji?

Phase 1,2,3 ama 4.

Hapo next na Shell

Iyo ni lambda variant. Haiskii vaccine. US wanarusha variants mpya weekly kaa nonsense