Covid 19 Deaths biggest puzzle

Who said that all people who are corona positive die because of that virus?
And why is WHO enforcing all who have died while positive to have their death certificates say they died of the virus without any autopsy done to ascertain the cause of death?

wewe mchina tulia

Same as HIV. It weakens you immune. So utakuta si HIV imekuua… Ni cancer ama TB…

So if someone who has tested positive dies due to breathing difficulties, you want them to write “lung failure” or what?

Most of the people who have died so far have pre existing conditions e.g hypertension. WHO insists that they died of Covid and not the pre existing condition. Which science is that based on??

The man who died in Siaya had an accident at Awasi and later died. WHO psychopaths wants us to believe that the stupid covid killed the man and not the accident. Autopsy and postmortem is not done to the patients who have tested positive then succumbed.

CoVId does not weaken anybody’s immune system.

This woria WHO guy must be getting screwed hard on the backside by a China man…there is alot he has not told us abt covid.

Are you saying that people with hypertension or heart disease usually require ventilators?

All 8 people who have died in Kenya were not in ICU hence they were not on ventilation. Infact the only person who was in ventilation in Kenya has recovered.


This Covid thing while it has not affected africa as much now is serious and things could turn in the next couple of weeks.
Stats wise - the countries driving numbers of total deaths up in africa are algeria , moroco, egypt and tunisia- across them about 600 total deaths - the rest are spoty distribution across the sub-saharan countries…

Of note is DRC , out of 234 infections, there have been 20 deaths which actually is among the highest percentage of infections and mortality.

  • it is interesting to note that there have been 33k hospitalized people in new york… meaning for such a state they needed 33 one thousand bed capacity hospitals for this thing alone forget the other medical cases. … we need tob e careful.

Corona has spread a lot since it was introduced here in January. Most people have gotten it and recovered

I some countries, even those who are admitted in hospital due to road accidents, and later die are said to be corona victims.

Do you know how they died?


Then how can you be certain that they didn’t die from the virus?

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