Cousins n Aunts

There was a thread about ferking a cousin or aunt.
Am not saying its right.

But truth be told, many of you HV ferked their cousins,msiseme eti ooh ilikuwa ni utoto eti ooh we dint know it was wrong.truth is, ye ferked

Speak for yourself :rolleyes:



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One time ferking is a non issue… I know cousins who ferked, married and had kids.


Not recommended Culturally…
Not recommended Religiously…
Not recommended Socially…
Not recommended Biologically ( Genetically) …
Not recommended… Period.

Lots of other fish in the Sea…
So, why target a Nice , daughter, cousin or Aunt…???


If you’re looking for validation…pole ndugu.
Mavi ukiyakaanga na tomato, kitunguu spices na uongeze nyama, kisha uandae kwa sahani ya dhahabu bado yatabaki MAVI!


Plenty of cultures marry cousins.

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Nothing to be proud of.

Hapo uko peke yako

leta hekaya wacha kutafuta validation

Yesterday I observed two cousins just out of their teens, a boy and a girl and the way they couldn’t keep off each other and I couldn’t help thinking they are already doing it and if not by 2nd January when they separate, they will have done it.

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Waswahili wa mombasa hizo ndio zao

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For selfish socio-economic reasons ( keeping wealth within a clan… ) …

But anyone with a basic knowledge of human biology knows the risks…

Now you know why some communities have more than their fair share of deformities…

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Waarabu, Wahindi‚Ķ Ndio zao hizo ili mali ibaki kwa ‚ÄėFAMILIA‚Äô‚Ķ

Umeffi thread. Carry your own cross

Halafu …

Hawa , … nani atawashughulikia…???

Thread not found.

Wapi jama wa A- 1994,consultant in two counties?

For the record, I didn’t.

But I fell for one very pretty cuz, wen I cleared fourth form.
Unfortunately she died of meningitis before we could take it anywea.
The feeling was mutual n honestly, if I had gotten the chance…