Court suspends Joho’s order to paint Mombasa CBD buildings

So decisions should be made arbitrarily? Especially decisions that affect you directly? So, when he waked up on another day and he says paint them red you will?

Let’s all just say we all like order and beauty. However beauty is subjective, you can like simple white and blue and others multi colours. Let’s agree on the order part, on colours let’s be opened minded on it.

Can’t be forbidden if it is your wife sii wa neighbor


You don’t have to give an outrageous example to make your point.
We need a benevolent dictator with a brain. This was a good decision, needless talk slows down progress.

We were not copying Lisbon, were we?
It is a beautiful city in its own way. But that does not mean Mombasa will be ugly with the color white.

Azenhas is incredibly beautiful irrespective of size. Mombasa is simply scaling up that beauty.
If they do the sidewalks and streets too, it might end up being one of the most beautiful towns this side of the Sahara.

Cities here in america have architectural guidelines they put out that describe the style of the houses, the recommended finishing and color schemes, etc. That is why you see so many nice, neat looking neighbourhoods. Just google “cityname architectural pattern” or “cityname architectural guideline”

Many cities, towns and villages use colour to beautify the space and create a calming environment. Perhaps we could extend that to our slum dwellings, each slum with it colours or two colours. After Mombasa finished the painting, the citizens can participate in a little bit of rubbish collection, pavement work and some pothole filling, it will reset the town to allow the town cleans to pick up from there.

According to colour experts blue “conveys reliability, trustworthiness and communication (I’m looking at you Facebook, Twitter and Samsung) and for expressing the authority and officialdom of organizations”. It is a colour most appreciated for its calming and harmonious qualities being associated with the sea and sky. However, being associated with the emotional feeling of being ‘blue’ it is also used to express sadness or depression.

Blue appears in many religious traditions as the symbol of heaven, In Ancient Religions, Blue is the attribute of many sky gods including Amun in Egypt, the Sumerian Great Mother, the Greek Zeus (Jupiter to the Romans), the Hindu Indra, Vishnu and his blue-skinned incarnation, Krishna.

In Christian art, the Virgin Mary is almost always shown wearing blue - reminds us of Mary’s faithfulness and her privileged role in salvation history.


Beautiful cities, towns and villages.

Same to you. Is joho benevolent? Does he have a brain? Stop ypur outrageous examples.

Bylaws in all the five Kenyan cities compel residents to paint their buildings.In Nairobi and Mombasa I believe it is every three years.Regardless of whether the building needs a new coat of paint or not.
Mombasa honestly,there were buildings that looked like the last time they had a coat of paint,Mombasa was still part of the Sultanate of Zanzibar.
Citybylaws are more intrusive than national laws.
In the US for example there is a ban on stone wall boundaries unless you own a large property or the community is itself gated.
In Nairobi,you cannot cut down a tree in your own compound without permission.
In London,most streets impose a Georgian style of architecture.You cannot wake up and build your house how you want.
We are no different

The issue is not painting. The issue is the color. You cannot tell people to paint a certain color and not even consult them

Actually they can. Most citybylaws including those of Mombasa can compel people to paint a certain color.
The colors are also common sense.
White is a color used almost universally in hot climates.
The blue is similar to the indian ocean.
The excuse people are giving is also nonsense i .e advertisements. You can use signs and boards for that.

Hapa Ndugu @spear I beg to differ. I do not think that a county governor should unilaterally determine the colour of a city. Tidying it is overdue, and the stupid practice of making landlords apply to paint their own buildings has never been sensible, but that will not be resolved through dictates and sending packs of poorly trained urban askaris to harrass businesses and extort from tenants.

There is a clear difference between a landlord and tenant that Joho has deliberately ignored.

Sawa nimekubali kila mtu na colour zake.

Umepotea, the haters have been roaming around aimlessly looking for anyone or anything to shout at.

Hehehehehehehehehe! Nowadays it’e hit-and-run, siasa zilipunguka after the handshake from hell (Mademoni 2.0).

What are the chances that a population of 1,200,000 million will agree on a colour, you will need a referenda. There will be a multitude of colour preferences and no agreement, even between families, neighbours will start quarrelling, some consultation would be good but it cost money.

No one was ever consulted on the colours of pedestrian crossing or parking bays etc., decisions are taken to create uniformity and ease of visibility. Blue/white shades suite a seaside city, it is an extension of the sea. They people might disagree, want yellow, pink, green, red for doors and windows.

1.2 million people do not own commercial buildings in mombasa. Consulting this people is not even hard. I doubt they are even more than 5000. Getting representatives and having a consultative meeting is very simple.

Uko na busaa kwa akili

In Lisboa if you fail to keep your house painted whatever shade it is, you’ll get a fine. Other people have laws and they follow them.

The Mombasa order could have been more nuanced ( white, cream 80%, other color 20, no stripes, etc) i.e there is a formula but allows building owner some leeway to choose what works for them.
Like that KCB bank building would be in brand and still pretty if the accent was in green.

Wewe nimekuzoea sana…Mjuaji kitu gani na hata kupima shimo la choo haujui. Take your small mind elsewhere.