Court suspends Joho’s order to paint Mombasa CBD buildings


That’s our courts for you. Its now its own independent cartel for the highest bidder. This initiative is good and business owners have responded well in using their own funds to paint their own buildings to beautify the city.

At this rate somebody will go to court and obtain orders barring me from enjoying the forbiden fruit with my wife. Damn!

I don’t get it. Are you saying that someone should come and tell you what color to paint your building or your house? Was there even consultation or the guy just landed and ordered people to do it?
At least make it voluntary. Someone may want to paint their house another color to represent their brand.

Your right to swing your fist ends where my face starts.

Lesagor rafiki yangu had to go all the way to Mombasa to make that point.

Key word is “voluntary” property owners have been quick to accept and paint so why stop them. Besides unless all buildings are served with this notice they can continue to individually paint their buildings to this pattern as they wish.

The order was not voluntary or was it. At least now only the people who want to will. Personally. I don’t like it. It works for some buildings and doesn’t for others. Also what about the interior. Is it as ‘beautiful’ as the outside?

I doubt the order of the county was voluntary… @Meria Mata bring the order from your post earlier. It’s like shaving your head… Yes it’s good but nobody should force or put a law to force you to do that.

OK, I didn’t know there was an order or by law from county. However the white and blue paint job is better than the old, ugly and mismatch look it was previously.

And that’s where @denis young is coming from… Involve the stake holders they are the private property owners… Maybe encourage such beautification with incentives like rates and tax breaks. But when they take roadsides of the blue bylaws and expect everyone to comply there goes the problem.

He’s been a beneficiary of such bogus orders for long let him also get a dose

Why give incentives or tax breaks for a landlord to paint his own commercial property. Its for his own benefit as a well maintained beautiful building attracts and maintains tenants. This excise should be done yearly. This is the only visible thing I have seen hoho do in Mombasa which I support and it took others to accomplish it.

Bro! This thing is world wide, it actually saves the country or state funds as the individual private owners participate in the planning of the towns which makes sense to me…
Modesto council approves downtown incentives, beautification[ATTACH=full]183413[/ATTACH]
That’s Modesto for you beautiful does not retain in marching colours just proper planning.

To be honest it improves nothing if the sorrounding is just as ugly. Fix the pavements, mark the roads, fix the roads, fix the open sewers amd clear the garbage. How difficult can it be that it has taken 6 years? It goes to show you just how dumb or pretentiously dumb the leadership is.

Osungu dll. notwithstanding, the court has made a good decision.

There are several European cities or towns painted uniformly and they look beautiful.
These consultations you’re talking about are the enemy of progress. Voluntary my foot.


Hope this petition fails. i like the initiative. is there a law in kenya on housing starndard? like painting houses, repairs etc?

Azenhas do Mar is a resort rock city, I would compare it to Two rivers mall…

Are you always this bad at comparisons or are you making an extra effort today.
It’s a coastal tourist town just like Mombasa, and a very beautiful one at that.

Lisbon is the city which I would equal Mombasa and from their towns I don’t see the similar paints
Now if you do have an area measure of Azenhas do Mar that would refute the size I have given please do.