Court stops fresh Sh2bn KFS tender in ferries row

[SIZE=3]What’s happening. Is there anyone who cares about Kenyans?

[li]Inspection firm alleges that Kenya will end up procuring new ferries “that are in real sense vessels of mass deaths”.[/li][li]It says the Kenya Ferry Services has permitted the use of low quality materials in construction of the ferries against the quality standards agreed to in a contract.[/li][li]The company is also questioning a change in cost of assembling the ferries, which it says has been adjusted by about Sh326 million without any justification.[/li][/ul]

kick-backs ndio kusema

NASA hao!!!

What .ke needs is a sworn vigilante , to execute (by hanging) the corrupt, can u imagine waking up and getting the body of a senior person at the ministry of health hanged pale Uhuru park.

This can be good. It would scare the living shit out of them for some time.

The mechanism put in place to fight corruption , seems to be sanitizing the corrupt.

I wish God would take up this matter and strike all the corrupt leaders

We have removed Him so far from us that He keeps away.

Yes. I’m casting aspersions.

Sasa ukipewa kandarasi ya kufanya quality inspection na wewe ni mtu as straight as a arrow …alafu uanona employers wako na manufacturers wame collude to cut corners kutengeza vitu sub standard…itabidi tu you raise the alarm because should any accident happen at sea your firm will be put to task

When Makwere was procuring hizi ferries they were costing about 300M sahiii zimefika ma birrions