Court rejects man’s plea to refund ksh2000 monthly after using Ksh36000 he wrongly received on Mpesa

A tea farmer pleaded guilty to using Ksh36,000 from Victoria Commercial Bank Limited in Nairobi that he wrongly received through Mpesa.

Josphat Keire Abere requested Milimani Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi to allow him to pay the bank Ksh2000 monthly until he clears the amount in question.

According to the police report seen by K24 Digital, the amount was part of Ksh127, 613 that Ecoline Energy Ltd requested Victoria Commercial Bank to deposit in the the Mpesa accounts of their employees.

The bulk Mpesa totalling to Ksh127,613 was processed and accredited to various Mpesa accounts as listed in the email by their client,” police statement read.

However, on November 9, 2020 Ecoline wrote a letter to the bank complaining that one of its employees had not been paid.

On receiving the letter, the bank noted that it had paid Ksh36000 to a wrong M-pesa number.

When the bank requested for a reverse from Abere, Safaricom notified the lender that the money had already been used.

Abere also switched off his phone, but he was later traced and arrested. Andayi said the amount Abere wanted to pay the bank per month was little and ordered a pre-sentencing report to be filed in court on August 27, 2021 before jailing the suspect.

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[SIZE=5]The Ltd company & the bank are the ones at fault here. How does a whole company remit funds to the wrong number?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]The funds were credited to the farmer’s number willfully meaning he was entitled to the money.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Very stupid of him to admit guilt.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]I’m willing to offer my services pro bono, file an appeal & countersue Ecoline and Victoria Commercial Bank on behalf of the farmer.[/SIZE]

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Wewe study Kenyan law. They will jail you for cashing funds not intended for you.

[SIZE=5]Mr. Demagogue the law applies regardless of the jurisdiction, be it Canada or Kenya.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]In this instance the judge’s verdict is disproportionate. The company deliberately credited the farmer’s mobile number with cash. This would not be the case had the person(s) in charge of the remittance carried out their due diligence and cross-check the entries.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]A serious countersuit against the prosecution is necessary. Since the farmer has been humiliated, I would file an appeal and countersue for defamation as well as professional malpractice.[/SIZE]

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