Course Discourse with Steelo: Would you stay?

Today I’ll keep the story short. You’re married to that person you really love. The one you’re sure you’ll be with for the rest of your life. One day, that other person has an accident and during the blood transfusion process an overworked underpaid worker gets the wrong blood and the one you call your soul mate ends up with HIV. Would you stay with that person?

Hiv is not a death sentence. I would stick around

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Nowadays, during blood donation, the blood is screened for HIV & sometimes twice or thrice before transfusion, so the likelihood of getting the disease is reduced…(that is unless, during the screening, there is a false or result)

Nurses and care givers are categorised as a high risk group. Should this be your partners line and she/ he gets infected, there would be no reason to leave her/ him. However if she/ he picks the virus from infidelity then thats something else altogether.

This song really scared the shit out of me sometime back

Naenda sana hii song.

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HIV is no longer as scary as it used to be and advances in medical research have made Arv’s much more effective and tolerable. I would still stick around.

I am not that brave, I would leave roho safi