Couple still dating sixteen years after wedding


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This is how it should always be keep dating your wife na hamuta wahi kua na issues

You understand that the guy is a pastor , and there’s need for him to create and maintain a certain image.

Next year, married wiminzz watajaa huko na tithe itaongezeka maradufu

Umeffi thread by a mentally retarded @ChifuMbitika

Fucking is the only secret

Keenly evaluate their facial expression. It portrays a different picture

Pasta mzima,preaching about “no sex before marriage” akiwa church yet he’s doing the opposite? Wakiristu jameni:D:D:D

[SIZE=1]or maybe alishika ‘know sex before marriage’[/SIZE]

the woman coudn’t be bothered, facial expression ya jamaa ni kama anatibuliwa jipu looks like they are tolerating each other - barely

that’s my perception.

That’s amazing! Hopefully, I’ll manage to find my soulmate as well. I know that dating sites work pretty well, and that’s why I decided to join bi dating sites australia, but I still feel a little sad whenever I see happy couples. Of course, it’s great, but I envy them a little bit. Anyway, I feel like one day, I’ll be among them with my gf, and we’ll date even more years after the wedding.

Mr and Mrs Love. Upuzi kabisa