County Highlight - Makueni

How is your county doing?

Makueni has established Universal healthcare at a minimum rate of 500 per household per year.

They also have a portal tracking development.

I saw someone say that Makueni initially had a working Governor and non working MCAs, so they got rid of the latter.



Great! Can people from other counties access Makueni county health services?

Good initiative and I wish them all the best.

Gov. Kibwana has also become very prominent in wiper party. He should replace watermelon.

Mbona prezzo alikataa kudissolve his first gavment after he had requested? Nigga would have been so far!!! Any prof kibwana is one level headed gafna we have!

Huyi angekuwa mbali were it not for his stupid mca’s

What are the benefits? I hope it is built around NHIF, nobody knows coverage better than them in kenya besides they already have the infrastructure hence easier to implement.

They shouldn’t otherwise it will just collapse

How will they know who’s originally from Makueni?

President Uhuru was wise in that decision. Had he dissolved it then each county assembly that had beef with their governor would push for it and that would mean no development will take place in that term. The threshold for dissolving a county government plus assembly needs to be high. Leaders need to learn to work together.

Nhif??? Uliza @Luther12 akuelezee how that has been turned into a cash cow!

Makueni County is heading in the right direction. Others should follow.

Probably this contributed to his current frosty relationship with jubilee.

500 kshs per annum ni kidogo sana. Probably a basic cover to supplement NHIF

Insurance fraud?

That day I saw Uhuru as weak. I still don’t believe he’s strong.

Utility bill maybe, anyway not worth the hustle, for 500 shs per annum, the benefits are probably nothing to write home about.

But he is trying do you know how many mother’s he will save from giving birth at home? Hio tu Ni enough!

One of the big four pillars of uhuru’s second term is universal healthcare. Any process to achieve that will start at NHIF. You can already see that process has started with coverage for pregnant women, the elderly and now school children, that alone brings about 70 %of population under NHIF system. Next will be to incorporate the remaining population. Private insurers will then provide value added covers on top of what NHIF offers.

I guess hujasoma hiyo article. Universal healthcare would cover anything other than specialized treatment. 500ksh in Makueni ni pesa mingi coz huko watu ni sufferers mbaiya. Identity card ndio watu wanatumia. Utility bill ni mambo ya majuu kuna sehemu watu hapana tambua stima na maji.
The only way this can be abused is if people from outside fake Identity for treatment.