Country Road pt 2

John was the farmer’s name. I was acquainted with him when my work had sent us there on a team building day. All the females thought he was hot.
Being a gentleman, he hopped out of his car and came over to mine to say hi. He asked what I was doing there and I said it was a long story. He asked to come into my car while we talked as it was chilly out. I said yes and he sat on the passenger side.
I was reluctant to confide in him but after some small talk I was comfortable enough and poured my heart out.
He confided that he too was having trouble with his girlfriend and had coincidentally come to clear his head too.
We chatted some more and I could feel myself start to cheer up. He too didn’t look as stressed as before.
I said it was time for me to go home. He leaned over to give me a hug and what I felt startled me. I can only describe it as an electric feeling washing all over me.
As he was kissing my cheek, our lips accidentally brushed! I could hear him breathe hard and the hug seemed to go on for a long time. To be honest I didn’t mind so I didn’t pull away.
He then started kissing me passionately. I kissed him right back. Next thing I know his hand was on my chest… All my pent up feelings came flooding in.
It took everything in me to finally call a halt to this madness. When I caught my breath I told him it couldn’t go any further and he obliged.
When I left I was thinking how close I came to cheating on my man. I was more determined than ever to make up with him.
As I was letting myself into the apartment I got the waft of my favourite dish. In the kitchen was my man wearing nothing but an apron and a smile.
We fell into each other’s arms and made passionate love there and then.
We both decided to put the past behind. I feel very guilty for nearly cheating on him.

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So did you eat the food ama you just ate each other?

Thank you. @Yvonne-swirry me @Jazzman maswali ni kama haya.
We ate each other then the food in that order:)

wonder if it will rain tomorrow


:confused::confused::confused::confused::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: wacha matabia mchamaa

Safe sex message dear

News flash. Cheating is not only about sex ergo you did cheat on your mouse.


No who parked the ship in the sky

I already feel very guilty. I was thinking of coming clean but that might bring us back to square one

Mwenye summary alete ni kitunguu nitatafuta ama kitabu nitasoma[ATTACH=full]66327[/ATTACH]

Finally,you confirm that that man you been trying to whip does not meet your threshold.

PS. Ulijua kupika maji?

PSS. Sitaki matusi

wewe ndio ulikuwa unaenda europe juzi??

On top of whipping the mouse she cheats on the bugger. SMH.

He is all man and yes huwa ananipeleka napiga nduru mpaka neighbours wanateta
PSSS. lost interest ya kupika. He doesn’t mind

[quote=“Jirani, post:17, topic:98505”]

wewe ndio ulikuwa unaenda europe juzi??
Was always there.[/QUOTE]