Countries & What They Are Known For

Nigeria = Conmen, Drug dealers
Kenya = Running, Corruption, Amnesia
South Africa = Rape, High urban crime rate
Somalia = Terrorists, Permanent Famine 24/7/365
DRC = Minerals
Ethiopia = Beautiful Women
Uganda = Big women

Rwanda-genocide,tall buggers,beautiful-er women
Tanzania-slow pokes,courtesy,coummunist ideologies

Kenya…timid know-it-all cowards

South Sudanese - hawavai nguo za mitumba. :D:D

Hapo iko sawa

Xenophobia - South Africa
Baby making - Nigeria
Witchcraft - Nigeria

Cuba- Cigars.

I will do states first

Texas… Cowboys

Louisiana … Mardi Gras, santeria And the Blues

Miami… Beaches and Colombian drug dealers

Florida… Gay community

Nevada … Gambling and legal prostitution

Alaska… Sarah Palin and baridi, ratio of 10 men to 1 woman

California … Hollywood, walk of fame


Hawaii… The Hula, Holiday, flower wreaths

Chicago… Black on black violence

DC… White House and a million man march

ATL… Rappers and Kenyans

New York… Empire State Building, Lady Liberty and Maximum jails like Rucker island

Utah… Mormons

African countries

Egypt… Pyramids

Mali… Witchcraft and Timbuktu

Botswana… Diamonds

South Africa… Mandela

Liberia… African returnees, Helen Johnson Sirleaf first female African president

Libya… Tuaregs and Gaddafi

Congo… Lingala the language and the music,

Nigeria… Fufu, handsome men and smart criminals, fulani herders, Boko haram

Prolly one of the most ignorant threads, a trully reflection and mirror of the average Kenyan psyche. So ignorant that ignorance was not even considered in their log of knowledge. Merry xmas

We are at the beach, akili ilienda Likizo tayari. So manage your expectations. Holiday means taking a break not an exam ‘Einstein’.

What’s the difference between Miami and Florida?

merry xmas to you holidaying by the beach.
Quoting ignorance should be viewed as commonsense, and not as some thesis in a doctorate. But again, we all have different standards and backgrounds. Sheherekea kama mfalme

Where’s your thesis Einstein?

Tazania - Vitendawili

Left it in your mommy’s drawers;)