Countries to visit in Africa?

Niaje wase…

I think i’ve hit a major milestone in my life.

At the end of this financial year, i’ll have like 150k to spend on a short holiday. Few days to a week.

Naeza enda nchi gani. I’m big on learning cultures and exploring environments.

Who has dared to travel beyond the borders for a short holiday? What are the requirements?

Natamani kutoka kenya kidogo nipumue…

My top picks

  1. South Africa - Very developed, cheap, clean and a lot of scenery. Has issues but if you stay in tourist areas, you won’t have any issues.

  2. Botswana - Small, decently developed, cheap and very nice brown women.

  3. Namibia - Small, decently developed and very beautiful too.

  4. Rwanda - A nice place to visit, small and you would run out of places to visit pretty fast. Also the “beautiful” girls you see are like 5% of the total population. Kwa ground, things are thick.

Avoid North African countries at all extremely racist and not worth the trouble, also to get to them, it would require you to go to Europe first then urudi. Egypt Air operates around but it’s totally not worth the headache.

Avoid Seychelles and Mauritius - You would be profiled as fuck, enda Maldives instead (no taking alcohol outside designated areas in Maldives, they are 100% Muslims)

If you are adventurous enough try the following.

  1. Nigeria - Chaos tupu but the trip would be worth it. Poverty iko kibao.

  2. DRC - Nice country with a very green countryside.

  3. Tanzania and Uganda - Hiyo doo yako utaishi nayo for like 3 months huko.

Carry an esim, airport wifi is horribly slow and unreliable

Carry both Mastercard, Visa and Mastercard and Dollars/Euros for ease of moving around.

Enjoy your trip

try Mogadishu ,central African republic ,south Sudan ,Sudan you might not live to tell

Nigeria :D:D

hapa hujasema how you will have an oversupply of sweet thigh… In UG

Botswana or Namibia
Lesotho during winter ndio nione snow


Barabara na airport zishajengwa

Egypt, Mauritius, Botswana, Senegal and Benin

Sijawai ona mtu akiongelea angola…ama there is nothing to see there?

We mzee :D:D:D

The beaches in Mozambique are spectacular.

County natamani kufika ni Madagascar

With your budget, try an all inclusive 3 day vacation to Mauritius for value of money. Ama use 1/3 of that amount piga mtaa hapo Nanyuki Jambo Mutara. Ukiongeza budget I can show you some hidden gems in Seychelles

Kama ni first trip out of the country I suggest visiting a place near home. If you have not surrounded yourself with people from very different backgrounds and cultures it may be difficult to adjust. Personally if i would have wante to maximise on the budget i’d travel to both UG and TZ(same trip). They both are a fresh breath of air from Kenya and are extremely affordable so you can maximise your stay there. Flight costs around $600 inclusive of the whole trip. The more than enough to survive on both countries comfortably. $80 dollars a day including accomodation is good enough for a week.

Have you exhausted all the places in kenya. Niligundua most people like to explore other countries and yet hawatembei kwao. Of late i have become a local tourist. Nimeenda as far as Samburu just to visit. Nimetembea hizo sides za Kabarnet na baringo just for sight seeing. I’ve dine afew hikes…sasa nataka kuingia Tz or UG.

Yea local tourism is amazing. Saw this, I’m now craving my good old Hilux, I should have stayed with it no matter the hardship. I guess I’ll upgrade some time soon.

Whichever country you wanna venture into for the first time, I would advise you don’t travel alone.

If you don’t have contact out there, you will be limiting yourself. A girlfriend would be perfect.
Once you’re familiar with the environment and have some contact, you can revisit alone and have a blast.

Trust my expertise.

Dog @cortedivoire would travel from kawangware to roysambu kuuzia wanaija mcea and feel that fresh breath

Jaribu Cape Verde population ya huko ni mapointy

Communication itakua shida