Counting your chickens before they hatch.

Huyu jamaa anatembea all over Africa as if he is the guaranteed next rais of Kenya. Meeting heads of state & forging deals and alliances.:rolleyes:

Bonobo confidence.

Talk of counting your chickens before they hatch. Na boss yake tu anaona.

Sijui kama mkuki asheweka hizi with accompanying praises and ululations about how strong and courageous his beloved leader is.

[SIZE=7]Deputy President William Ruto walks with lions in Zambia (Photos)[/SIZE]
Local News By Njambi Mungai
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Our Deputy President seems to have taken walking with lions quite literally this festive season.
DP William Ruto accompanied by his family walked with lions and cheetahs at a park in Livingstone, Zambia.

Images of the Ruto clan interacting with the wild cats were made available on his official facebook page with the caption “Walking with lions and cheetahs in Livingstone, Zambia. A lifetime experience!”
The Lion Encounter as it is called is a tourist experience whereby visitors are allowed 45 minutes to one hours to interact with lion cubs. Armed with just a walking stick, visitors pay to walk, pet and take photos of the experience. The lions roam wild and free but if it’s any consolation, the cubs are less than 18 months old.
It is a package only available in Zimbabwe but arrangements can be made for guest staying in Livingstone on the Zambian side of the Victoria Falls according to
Photos: Facebook/William Samoi Ruto

This will be the man to beat come 2022. There is no need for time wasting sugar coating.

Hizo simba zika juwa vile zina weza tu save !!!

Stop hating you bonobo

Wacheni Arror aitwe Arror. Ametetemesha Baba na clout yake, Uhuru na pesa zake, deep state na power zao,

@KamauLM tupe maoni what do you think about this?


Enyewe huyo ni bonobo hater

How large is Arro’s family ?

Huyu msee amepost anakuanga mbwa ama mbwa zaidi?

Kuna simba aliyekuwa akihangaisha raia kule Uasin gishu about some two weeks ago…
Me thinks angeanza na kumshika huyo mkia…


I am concerned about their safety while walking with these “tame” lions. These cats can be unpredictable, yet I do not see any armed person in the vicinity

Captive lions can revert to predator mode on a whim. Triggers can be mundane things such as perfume, the smell of mutura in one’s breath, and the size of the person interacting with it. In one picture, I notice the little girl holding the lion’s tail.

I think these are old pictures. The girls are way different now than is shown in the pictures

@Mzee mzima niaje? Kinoti ali come through on Christmas day?:smiley:

One way to tell that you are indeed uwesmake :

A popular slasher film available on vhs in the early 2000s = Urban Legend.

A popular football magazine show popular in the early 2000s on KTN = Football @Mundial.

An individual who graduated highschool in 2002 and who loves TV, ma-movie and soccer shows = @uwesmake


unashikaje mkia ya lion bana! shiet! dangerous stuff

wapi Abby hapo?

Yawn. Maze do you know how boring you are. Lazma people see you the first time wanasema huyo damu haziskizani. Alot of people must be hating you in real life. You must find solace here where those that hate you, you cant see. Ibilisi wewe

What about this story angers you? I mean really?:smiley:

Wewe ni mluhya, you are not even Kalenjin…

Halafu hunaga msimamo. Leo uta support Ruto ati juu akina khalwale wako na yeye… halafu 2022 tena uruke jamaa.

I watched you in 2017 swinging between baba and Gathecha every other day. And about these multiple handles who are you kidding??!:rolleyes:

Me thinks Ruto is not as smart as people think he is. The dynasties will prove that in 2022. In my opinion he should have falleñ out with Uhuru in late 2021, not sooner.

WSR did not have a choice. He was edged out. For that kura mingi centro ni zake.

I see you have not replied to the truth in that. Anyway, I can be whoever you want me to be to you, if it jerks you off at night. Good riddance bitch.