Counterfeit drugs

Now i was informed that kuna some shady people pale kariobangi who manufacture counterfeit drugs and then resell them to the populace.

My question is how can you know the real drugs and the fake ones… i also asked about the KEBS mark of quality and was told that si lazima all drugs zikuwe na hio mark even the original ones…

Is there a national database to countercheck their authenticity for the common man!?

if you deal with drugs like me you will know easily.

Does it matter if the drug is original or counterfeit? Si all you need is to get high?


how?, I was told the exact same thing na huyo daktari

aviator…unajua mahali naweza pata shamba pande za kiambu?

Some companies like Glaxo Smithlkline have a code on their products to confirm authenticity.

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Anyway, unataka Kiambu pande gani, kiasi gani? Mbanjeti?

:eek::eek::eek: What? Kariobangi light industries is that advanced?

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quarter acre…tell me how much nione kama nitafika bei…simind ata kama iko ndani kidogo

apparently…nilishangaa sana

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Counterfeiters keep evolving their methods to evade detection. Some manufacturers wanaweka code to authenticate their products, others have a hologram, etc etc.

Matters to do with drugs in Kenya are generally under the realm of Pharmacy & Poisons Board

which is why KeBS may not feature much with respect to drugs.

The PPB has various measures to assist the public identify counterfeit medication. In the most recent past there have been media campaigns to for instance assist to identify counterfeit antimalarials and emergency contraception. They also have a department called Pharmacovigilance whose primary role is to gather info on adverse drug reactions (ADRs) and poor quality medicines and medical devices. Counterfeits fall in the latter. Nowadays one can report online at that website, or get in touch with their officers on the ground at various county headquarters and regional offices.


Most people who buy this generic drugs buy fake drugs…watu wa tinidazole na amoxyclave are mostly affected

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For the record, generic IS NOT counterfeit.

well some drugs are not counterfeit but what you call parallel importation
if you deal with something too long you can tell the difference the same way a mechanic will tell you this is an original Toyota spare and this is a copy.

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yeah they are not generic but mostly some fake ones are those cheap drugs…i looked at the components in the generic and the said original tinidazole and the difference in components used to make it was too high.

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Moto wa kuotewa mbali.


hio sio mbaya…you have any more info.?