councillor nails it again

THAT ''a top ranking government official with high affinity for land and a staunch Christian" has been hang to dry in the sun for having climbed a yello yello 11 years ago, i clear indication that cookie can not only swallow 200 acres of land, a whole stairs like KICC or a John Deere tractor, but can as well swallow a King’s crown. The said government official is on record shedding tears and speaking in tongues ‘‘ribababasaikaaaa’’ in a past church function, he is known to cast out demons as well, but the recent turn of events is a clear indicator THAT "a nigga can only get saved in the area between his navel and his neck ONLY. The areas below his belt and above his chin are tools for savoring earthly “delicacies”.
It is not long ago when i told you people THAT if you have to climb a persons dry fry;

  1. Make sure the persons is measured
  2. Make sure she swallows P2 as you watch
  3. The persons is 30+
    I went ahead to further warn you THAT you should avoid climbing;
  4. Wife of owner
  5. Students
    For now we can only sit back and watch, and wait for more women out there to come out and say Mheshimiwa so and so dry fried me and jumped stomach. Its a campaign season and this is the time to know those dirty little secrets…Meanwhile, if you want to stay safe and avoid such stories of you coming out in future, the menu is attached above.

‘…jumped stomach’



A farther in the wind, all this BS came to the end when Ruto came out and accepted he Dryfried that chick.
He made his case though. Remember how the duo called off, Ocampo bluff.

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@admin weka section ya arap singh


Its the perfect time for Rachel to revenge, atafte hustler (pronounced as asla) kama mimi then anisue for child upkeep 11 years later

Oh NV, nmesahau, karibu na keti paleeeeee----------------->

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I thought nilisoma kwa Ktalk singo matha’s konstitiushen hawa their ovaries are very happy hata ukiwapatia hug wanashika ball?




based on ktalk’s single mather-ology, 30+ year olds can conceive even via telepathy :D:D:D


Na venye mi hupenda ku-dryfry range ya 18-25 years

Alete nyef nyef hiyo mali yote ya arap Mashamba impotee? she is smarter than that.

si nimpe tu mimba na hii kesi iishe

nuh yeye si mjinga hivyo. mbona ajisumbue na ako na mali already? at that age ako really wise

unajua hapo umeniRKO indirectly??

ambia @Ice_Cube akuonyeshe ile comment about Ritah Marley

ziii 30+ tulisema wako wise, hawawezi shika ball juu wanajua vile walicheswo in their 20’s na pia wanajua a kid wont make a man love you

io section inakaa kuwa na vituko sana

hehehe sioni kiti

Aibu yangu iko jikoni inakungoja…ile siku utakuwa kiti ya chairman wa kanisa alafu atokee ndio utajua shetani si kipii


ya mtu hasla hawataki…tokea na benz ama range car hire ata ile shoti ya kwanza kiherehere utaskia akisema ako na mimba yako