Couldn't laught alone

[ATTACH=full]146488[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]146490[/ATTACH]

[ATTACH=full]146491[/ATTACH] hii kitu sawa huwezi pataa STI

He should atleast be thankful there was no shipping fee… :D:D:D

Ooooi! Hii dunia hakuna mnyama hukua na adui kuliko mwanaume. :D:D

:D:D nduthi for live

7 helpful!!

The product was dirty:D…alinunua matako imepitiwa na Uwes na supersub Ole gunnar:D

Simple Logic …

This item will set you back KES: 2000 …

Why not stroll down to Liddos and get sorted out with the real thing …???



How about those who don’t want the riff-raff behaviour that comes with harlots?

Hii ukienda kupick posta mtu wa customs akushow ufungue unaeza ona siku mrefu

:D:D:Ddelivery guy had his day before delivering!

@cortedivoire ushasample you maneno?

Hio unajua ni dryfry

Hahaha nimecheka pia

shy off 20k… you can sample “everything on sale”.

Haha noma

Hahaha bana

The funny thing is that he almost got a stomach crump while at it,did you see that part?hehehe

Hahaha no doubt