Could Kenya go the sudan way?

Ekuru Aukot thinks so

what’s your take on 2007 PEV, and do you think it can happen again ?

Personally I do not think so. The only people fighting now against govt are the Luos. So the question is which community will be fighting against who? If Luos try to cause ethnic violence, they will suffer as they are outnumbered. Kikuyu and Kalenjin will gang up against them and neutralize them well.

ICC bicon is located at Nethlerlands they all know.

Small kids might not understand the fear of a BigBoY getting a letter from ICC.

The smile aka Coins it takes to amuse lawyers and connectors to ICC.

instability opens door and windows for people to bring up and vent some deep rooted grudges and other inequalities, stability falls and the people who will break and vandalize your investments deep in Muranga will not be Luo’s but your fellow Kikuyus’, insecurity will find you whenever you are, keep in mind the Kikuyu and the Kalenjins have alot of unfinished business, which they may decide to finish in that period of instability.
my take, go for peace , for you don’t know where violence will leave you.

Seconded. I too feel like peace is the way to go. Unfortunately, there are politicians like Moses Kuria and Isidore Gachungwa stirring the hornet’s nest with verbal diarrhoea of the kind in the video below. If you spoke like this even in Moi’s time, you would be fired in the 1 pm news

But with Raila constant useless maandamano/mass action plus looting and destruction of properties you can be certain that peace can never be guaranteed. Something will have to give in. Either Raila get something or instability/war/lack of peace takes over. As citizens we have no control. The political class are pushing it. So we are at their mercy as most of Kenyans are cows and will follow their political gods direction. We can only hope for the best but at the same time prepare and be ready for the worst.

What did Uhuru do ? Anyways, i had Ruto is a political genius.

It would be stupid to think that 2007 could not happen again.Kales ile hatred wako nayo na kikuyu bado isha,but tugeges think that since they voted for Sugoi man beef iliisha,lakini wapi?
Right now, the Kales have set them up for cannibalization.The infighting is making the meno mingi smile all day and are using Rigathi Moi to fuel the fire as he shouts Son of Mau Mau," yet we all know that the mbegu that he was conceived from came from the loins of Moi the late.
Tugeges cannot have a moment to think about all that. They think they are loved by Kales, but siku ya kuporomokewa na hao majaa hawatajua ni lini.

Kaleo’s and Luo’s will comfortably work with no problem, Roho safi.

Moses Kuria spoke nonsense and tribal vitriol against Mera (njaruo) claiming the Kiuks were the ones running govt forgetting its being run and controlled by Kipmeno. Unfortunately the common shiny eye loves such sideshows and will continue to be hoodwinked for a long time

Kalenjins had way more clot in the 10 yrs Ruto was DP , than the Kikuyus have under DP Gachagua. prospects of a handshake is giving UDA politicians in Mt. Kenya sleepless nights.

It can’t go the Sudan way for the simple reason y’all are dealing with stone throwing idlers in Kenya, not armed militiamen/paramilitary outfits.

Also, nothing is happening outside Nairobi.

Finally, y’all are keyboard warriors.

Hmmm ! ! !

Historical land injustices is where our violence can come from and we know is who vs who

Kenya hakuna serious rebels

It’s @FieldMarshal CouchP vs @Kalenjin101 ama namna gani? :D:D:D