Could it be that the 7 looked the other way


Ujinga umeanza, cops rush to an accident scene and they are swiftly blamed for letting the accident happen

Let the dead Rest in Peace

If they are serious on their work the truck driver would have followed the normal maai mahiu route


Iyo SQNY yote na una tumia CD boss kuna Thumb drives

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Plus they were not even supposed to drive at that time if I am not wrong. The several police checks before that black spot should have weeded them out.

Those at the police checks must be the one who turned their eyes the other way ofcourse after a bribe,if Nkaissery comes calling those on duty at the time might be the first casualty

Iko na hizo zote,hiyo ni ya kucheza VCD though its rarely used

they killed themselves and other innocent people thinking that they were evading the law

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mbona K24 wana charge SMS 10 bob ?

Ati VCD?
Sio blu-ray sqny man?

Niaje Uwesmake, Leo uko na mood poa, ulipewa Haki yako

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msapere aliniokolea na haki yangu

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Ignorant fucking bastard.Tankers and heavy trucks are to pass the maai mahiu route.This was a light weight canter!!!It is irritating how some mere hollo polloi turn into experts at the turn of every tragedy instead of mourning with us!!


Kuna GSU recce officers walikufa pia.

Do you have a picture of the canter.If it was a canter it would have hit one or two cars and may be veer of the road,here the impact seem it was from a huge vehicle.Kabla uitane Polloi jiite polloi mara mbili kariii kiii,story being twisted here kuficha kina yaheee

Inacheza hizo zote i,in this piece of technology they even thought ahead nilikuta i can record stuffs then watch em later