Cost of living pale yues (Seattle)

Mimi kama mkenya nimepiga hesabu in ksh nikaona huku sitoboi…

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If you go with the KSh conversion rate, utalala njaa


That’s why minimum wage ni 20…yet or not

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Nimeona njiva ni Soo nane na sijakunywa ka soda. Nikaona ndio nishibe siku mzima kama kawaida natumia ten k nisipo chunga. Hapa nikutembea na calculator banae.

Minimum wage ni USD 21 na bado is subject to taxation. Shida tupu. Sahio mtu anachapa kazi ya waiter ama ni cleaner


@Simiyu22 na @applebee100 walisema ukiwa na mshande ya $3k huko yues wewe ni mafia :rofl::rofl::rofl:


What is a good salary for Seattle?

Average Salary in Seattle, WA

Annual Salary Monthly Pay
Top Earners $107,474 $8,956
75th Percentile $98,241 $8,186
Average $75,759 $6,313
25th Percentile $53,277 $4,439

Seattle, a city on Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest, is surrounded by water, mountains and evergreen forests, and contains thousands of acres of parkland. Washington State’s largest city, it’s home to a large tech industry, with Microsoft and Amazon headquartered in its metropolitan area. The futuristic Space Needle, a 1962 World’s Fair legacy, is its most iconic landmark. ― Google

Age: About 172 years

Population: 733,919 (2021)

Unemployment rate: 2.6% (Nov 2022)

Area code: Area code 206

Metro population: 4,018,762 (US: 15th)

Mayor: Bruce Harrell

Weather: 51°F (11°C), Wind SE at 6 mph (10 km/h), 79% Humidity More on

Local time: Tuesday 12:32 PM


Umenichekesha buda… :smiley:


$100k is good for Seattle although it’s just middle class lifestyle. Not much savings. Seattle is almost as expensive as NYC and SF. It’s the second tech Mecca after San Francisco. The only benefit is that there’s no state tax in Seattle so 100k there goes much further than the same salary in San Francisco.

Great beautiful place but there’s no decent nightlife, too many hippies and drug addicts too, too many tech bros, the women are ugly. Fuck.

NYC / LA / San Diego / Chicago are the places to be.


Texas has some of the most beautiful women too. The weather is perfect…3 months of mild winter. Check it out one day.


Hahaha I’ve been there. It’s too fucking hot. Endless concrete and suburbia. A fucking shithole. I have friends in Austin and they hate it there lol.

Plus companies there pay way less than those in the places I mentioned. Optimizing for everything, every ambitious American wants to be in New York, the state of California (SF Bay Area, San Jose, SD, LA), Illinois (but only in Chicago), and Washington (Seattle).

My choice would be Seattle because it has the same exact opportunities and high pay like the others but with no state income tax, and better weather than NYC, and without the ridiculous expenses of states like California. It’s a great middle ground.

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Whatever… :grin:

Been in the yuess long time…lived all those places you mentioned.

Settled on Dallas. Keep moving! :laughing:


Congrats on choosing a shithole

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Ukienda mayolo then you convert kila kitu into Ksh…hutawai nunua anyhting. For example nikiwa pale Germnay nilienda shot na lanye kwa legal brothel…BJ na Shot ilikuwa 30£ uki convert to ksh then ukumbe SJ huwezi tombana huko. But its fun for thrill


meffi wewe

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You Know It Idiot GIF


Even without converting to KES, this is still expensive and it will be very hard to see me in such a place. 2 samosas for $ 7? 2 Mandazis for $ 6? This is one of those places you visit to support your peeps but no sustainable for the wallet . For $ 12, I can buy flour, baking powder, oil and ground beef and get more than one samosa, chapati and Mandazi.
The quality of restaurant foods is not impressive as what you can cook at home and I prefer to get fresh ingredients and make good food instead of buying stuff that has been in a freezer or premade.

When I was a student and had moved from Kenya i used to convert everything for the first few months but along the road you realize you have no option and man does not survive on water.


Nope. Everybody is moving from California. To Texas-Austin, Dallas and San Antonio, as well as to Arizona-Scottsdale and Phoenix, and Denver or Colorado Springs. Too fucking expensive in Cali. Terrible traffic, 2 hour commutes each way. The tech jobs started moving away in the mid 2000s outsourced to India. So it’s not as lucrative as it once was.

The only people who think that NYC is the best city in the US, are New Yorkers themselves. Cold from August to March. Surely how is that better than Orlando. Ati so that you can experience cultural diversity. And you drive through just neighborhoods, homes have multiple cars parked per house. Meaning multiple roommates to split the high rents. Doesn’t happen in the move- to cities mentioned above.

Seattle Washington, high freaking costs of living. Paka they have microhomes for rent like in crumped Tokyo Japan. It rains all the time, too gloomy.


Only poor people and middle income people are moving away from CA because they’ll never afford a home there. Tech bros and other high earning folks are still there to stay (there’s still thousands of engineering jobs that pay upwards of $250k+ that are still hiring! My company is on a hiring spree as are many others in the San Francisco office). California is the greatest state to be in for upward mobility alongside NY. The other group that’s moving away from CA is that of hardcore republicans and moderates who are tired of the leftist politics. CA and NY are to USA what Nairobi is to Kenya (poor people without ambition leave AND poor people with ambition plus rich folks move in).

I went to school in CA, lived in Seattle for after undergrad for my first job and moved to NY. Every other place you mentioned (Denver, Orlando etc) is for middle class people with zero ambition. They’re comfortable with that middle of the road lifestyle. Everyone who wants to make the big bucks or catch their big break is on a flight ro California & NYC. Everyone in tech who doesn’t want to be in CA moves to Seattle. These are the only places that mint millionaires every single day.


Huku dumberi hakuna hizi mashinda


Muuze mahindi choma ya 30 bob kama eurobond?

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