cost of lanye has gone up

Sikhwezi… our brothers in the county government have inflated lanye prices again. Below is the effidense[ATTACH=full]281484[/ATTACH]

Show her picture, maybe she’s worth it.

wueeh with that price bado ako fully booked for the weekend. january si mbaya kwake aisee

Marketing 101

Reverse psychology as marketing strategy. But if indeed what she’s saying is anything to go by then no wonder women drive very huge machines nowadays

88 Bob per min.

Who pays for those prices? Enda SJ tafuta the finest lanye akupe hiyo package yote for less

SJ unalipa lanye 2k unapeleka kwa hotel unachapa the whole night plus morning glory.

While passing through the UoN for my Baba Alinituma qualifications 2K would have gotten you a wife from St. Joseph Gals. We used buy fombe,mostly pilsiner and tusker,and pay 300 bob. Unateka binadamu unapeleka Hall 9 fourth floor. From Friday mtu anatoka kwa room Sunday jion na mia mbili ingine.
You get breakfast, and lunch and supper for sato and Sunday plus drinks from student canteen. She earns 500,she is fed for a weekend and unachange oil mpaka ya next week…

We also used to agree to pay exorbitant charges,400/-… Halafu akifika kwa room,you do the needful. Then in the morning akienda kuoga ati atoke unarusha nguo kwa ndoo imejaa maji…she couldn’t leave until nguo zikauke. In the meantime,the rubber would meet the flesh like a million times. Unalipisha all those dry spell weekends.

I hope I have taught some young in something.

Such was life…

Sande omwami


Shillings ya Kenya unakosa value