Cost of diversity and inclusion in UK Police

Tyrone ameamua kuresist arrest ingekuwa pale Texas Tyrone would be sipping lean with George Floyd.

Suplex kama Brock Lesnar or Taser are the only thing Tyrone understands.


It cant be a mere coincidence that blacks everywhere, sio US, sio UK, sio Carribean are all a menace. Huku Kenya ndo angalu tumetulia hausumbui.

The biggest problem with British policing is the way they are discouraged from carrying firearms. Actually the thought of firearms in British hands is abhorrent.

I like it when stupid police officers are overpowered.

It will be a good day when Western Europe is eventually overran by Arabs and blecks. Caucasians hawazaani, Europe needs to be converted toa slum as quickly as possible.

You are an idiot. Who will protect you when the police become overpowered by criminals?

Hata Kenya tunaelekea hapo. Niliona nabii akisema amemaliza maneno ya container as if Uhuru and Kinoti were fools.

You must use an iron fist to govern negroes. Nabii atajua Kenya sio kanisa. Ndio maana hata mungiki wameanza kumea pembe tena after Michuki dealt with them properly. You know how Kibaki dealt with al-shabaab, mungiki, and sabaot land defense force.

You can’t handle negroes with kids gloves. That is a fatal mistake. Lazima watu wafinywe makende kwa container to contain crime.

The previous administration was not stupid and naive like nabii. They knew how criminals game the system and why extra-judicial killings were a necessary evil. Why do you think al-shabaab walikunja mkia for those years?? Any shiekh, imam, etc who is a sympathizer knew that he has two choices - death or jail (regardless of what the judge says). That’s why some never wanted to leave prison because they know what happens next wakiachiliwa.

I hate Kenyan cops but I understand that their job is super necessary. Despite their bonoboism, they are a net positive to society. That’s why I get pissed when I see killers of thugs get prosecuted for ridding the society of goons.

Blacks and disorder.
Never a better love story than that.

Hawana taser? Pale tiktok nimeona a Jamaican woman alisema hataki black Americans kwa holiday homes zake. Western blecks wakona kasoro mahali

Hao umbwaaaaA Saa hii wakikuja tuna walima we revenge for MAU MAU. Hio ni system collapsing. Hao soy boys next wao walimwa kama mbrrrrkenge.

Simple explanation, is that nabii is also a criminalis!

a black woman saying hataki fellow blacks kwa holiday homes zake? basically saying, afadhali ukuwe from another race but not black.

Anaitwa The Barefoot Island Lady huko tiktok

Zoea kwenu, kula kwenu, kienyeji ya area yenu bila stress

Acha ujuaji mingi kijana…ebu join alkebab uone vile utakua smoke like kebab. ATPU apantambua,bado wanatuma magaidi kwa baba bila negotiating,yaani risasi kwa kichwa bila huruma.

Feminist nonsense utapati wameanza hio ujinga ya women cops being the same number with men

Inaitwa “wokeness” utapata hawa watu decided to hire more women by lowering physical standards. BLM made sure makarao wa huko wako toothless and physically weak. Siku hizi they concentrate more on LGBTQ parades and virtue signaling.