cosmos : A space time odssey

I downloaded this documentary a few months ago but I never got a chance to watch it but this week I started watching it and it is very informative and interesting to watch if you like astronomy .

Sad thing about astronomy is that it raises more questions than answering the already existing questions… so much we don’t know about this vast universe yet we are boastful and fierce about this planet we call home which is just a speck of dust floating in the vastness of space…we humans have existed in this rock for just a brief moment in time but we have caused unimaginable destruction to this planet and spilled rivers of blood of our own brothers due to differences in ideology , religion and race…

…Have a thoughtful day and happy holidays.

Its Astronomy…astrology is something else entirely


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try this one ni more detailed ilinifunza alot of things

And yet they still want us to believe that the universe formed itself (by accident)?

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who/what made it and how did we come into existence ?? and why did “it” isolate us to this corner of the universe

Corner of the universe? From your perspective (or anyones) we are at the centre of the universe (the observable one that is).

that’s what they made us believe, i dont understand the ideology they used to state that though

If you look out around you in all directions, you go 360 degrees with you acting as the centre of that circle. The same applies when looking out into the universe. From your viewpoint, you are the centre of the universe. This is why people thought the sun and stars revolved around the earth.

Why do you feel like you have been isolated into a corner? Have you explored the earth and exhausted it? I bet you are 99.999999% away from exhausting it before you move on to the next big thing.

@Atheismo kuja hapa

No. “They” want to know how that which formed the universe was formed. A god called God - with all his reported childish theatrics - is not the answer.


And that which formed what formed the universe was formed…it becomes an unending cycle

You can’t say that he/she/it is not the answer. You don’t have enough knowledge to decide that. For all you know the universe is a petri dish and GOD is a highschool student trying to complete his assignment.

No need to insult him (them), just the way you are convinced there is a God it is the same way he is convinced there is none…we need to understand what drove him (them) to that conclusion

Methinks atheists dispute the notion that God has a human figure, emotions and thoughts (to some extent)…I am yet to encounter an atheist that I can have a reasonable and logical discussion with to try and understand why they think there is no God. The few that I have encountered are very defensive and it becomes hard to have any meaningful discussion, literally!

Jizz, akuchow.

Hio inakuwanga slogan yake; wasn’t insulting him

And I don’t pretend to. Neither should you. And especially YOU who have already decided that some deity should be and is the answer.