Corruption is fighting back

The publicity she is getting is crucial…a thing to die for; Rem. this is free political campaign for her. Infact, I won’t be surprised if she will be elected as the Nakuru Women Rep or Naivasha MP, or even the Governor in 2022! The Kenyan electorate love for thieves and commom con-artists is just legendary!

Drama tupu, my prayer though, is that, the whole saga takes a life of it’s own.

Jana nilisikia jamaa wakisema that these guys were set up to teach others a lesson… i think there is some element of truth in that anology. A scandal is exposed and almost immediately the dpp has sufficient evidence to prosecute??

these ones are going down. They don’t know what is about to hit them. Denial of bail must have hit them hard


They are in denial, wanafikiri itakuwa kama Kabura, forgetting Kabura was latched to Gov. Waiguru, and that she was protected by the highest office.
This ones are latched to a non entity.

tumeanza ujinga, we knew this was bound to happen.
Ex-CS Michael Kamau arraigned in Nairobi over Sh33m tender scandal as his supporters hold demo in Nyeri.

nani anakwambia, hii pesa walikula during election period, waiting for the big name politicians behind them to be named

…hii clot iko artery gani? [SIZE=1]ama iko kwa vein gani:D[/SIZE]

hao wamama wanahitaji viboko

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Hatusaidiki, murungaru of all people

Bank managers will be in hot soup because of flouting the CBK guidelines Someone can’t walk into a bank and withdraw more than 5M without raising eyebrows.

Meaning bank manager was deep into it

A saddening feeling sets in when you start to realize how we’re whole-heartedly dancing to someone’s tune.
If it’s true that these higher ups have each other’s back and that this court case is one way to divert our attention from the bigger frauds & the 9B… then what’s the point of voting/crying for change in Kenya when all these thieves are intertwined while they’re holding offices. Ordo ab chao:(

Initially I though Eng. Kamau was a saint.

Not until I walked into Raddison Blue


When all her property will be seized and accounts frozens by ofcoz her “protectors in government” ndio atajua maana ya being crucified. Saizo hatakuwa na pesa ya bail or fees to pay Ombata. They will let her rot in jail. Her only hopes nikupiga beauty pageant Langata women’s wakiwa with that lady murderer who killed/stabbed her boyfriend in Buru

So which is the real face?every show needs a poster boy/girl…

Lakini si hao majamaa walikuwa na impunity? After NYS 1 bado waliendelea kuweka midomo kwa sufuria…and don’t forget the way this dying has been done NIS ndio wali-infiltrate sio ile tumezoea ya auditor general Ati funds could not be accounted for.,