Corruption is fighting back

Somebody somewhere is trying too hard to sell this face as the face of corruption, sorry pall, we are wiser now. she is just a small cog in a well oiled gearbox.
Jaribuni tena.

I’m equally surprised why the focus is on someone who got 59M only while 9B cannot be accounted for. Sinister motives on the part of the DN

VC ako na machungu sana…

She is the Kabura equivalent of NYS2. PS aliogopa kutaja majina…This is might be bigger than we thought …Cc @spear

She seems to be enjoying the limelight though, what she fails to understand is that, she comes from a family that doesn’t have any political clot.
Her and the family are going down.

kkkkkkkkkk, utathania i missed the bus

she still has the look of “waste of time, I will be free soon” I have a feeling these ones will not be spared watakipata… the political heat is too much. they chose the wrong NYS scandal to be involved with

Maybe she believes she will walk scot free like Kabura with a bonus of being focused on by the githeri media which are stroking her ego.

Hawa the small fish naona wakilala ndani, right now jubilee is being heavily ridiculed because of NYS2.

kubali yaishe…

she brings out the " look at this face lest you forget, im not bothered my guy will pull strings and i will be free soon" look, she seems unbothered with what is happening or she has trust with the bigboys in the scandal or she simply doesnt know what kind of mess she is in, i cant be wrong on all those grounds

Her biggest problem is that the amount of cash she stole is peanuts for a scandal with so much heat. She will likely go to jail. Wenye waliiba 1+ billion hawaendi mahali

She’s ignorant, her cohorts inside NYS, have assured her this is only a PR exercise, just to make sure she doesn’t talk.
Ole wake.

The focus should be on the accounts people at NYS who authorized the payments, IFMIS guys and the banks where the transactions were processed in a clear flouting of CBK guidelines on transactions exceeding 1 million shillings.

if “we” wananchi wa kawaida can think on this lines hawa NIS hawezi kua wanafikiria hivo?

i saw somewhere that the funds were sent to a bank in ruaraka at 2:49 pm and buy 3:05 there was a withdrawal of hundreds of millions in cash at the same bank

kwani torture chamber ilitolewa. her family should be taken hostage…na bwana yake/baba yake afinywe makende akiona …tuone ha hiyo majina haitatoka. dictatorship ndio tunahitaji tu kufight corruption. law imefail vibaya sana

This is a sideshow. It is like a Russian hoe in the football stadium displaying her newly painted toenails to try and distract you from the World Cup final playing on the field. Kenyan newspapers are behaving like the cameraman who would zoom in on the hoe’s toenails instead of focusing on the penalty shootout on the field

These guys are known, if NIS was the whistleblower, then trust me, the whole thing was scripted way before it was released to the public.

exactly, we watching a play within a play written by authors who will do anything not to be unmasked

so hii ni drama tu. tuone kazu inafanywa