Corruption is as old as mankind. What matters is the level

Jacob, Judas, David all had underhand dealings.
In Japan the Transport Minister resigned due to a 7 minute train delay, it wasn’t even about corruption but accountability. When will we see someone resign over misuse of public funds? Why do we adore thieves? We have a long way to go folks

Kesi ya Waitutu ya corruption iliisha tuu hivo…and many more corruption cases. Such occurrences encourage pple to be involved in corruption scandals. They don’t fear coz they will be released.

Today was I’d ul adha. Abraham wanted to corrupt God with his son, but God told him I’m okay just substitute mtoto na sheep… THAT IS CORRUPTION

hivi ndio radi inatwanga mtu saa nane mchana kama jua linawaka

Why do you people like lying to people all the time?