Corrupt Kenyan Judiciary Led By Retarded 4th World Judges Did't Find Akashas Guilty, How Do You Expect Them To Convict Anybody Of Corruption?

I don’t believe that there can be rule of Law in SH!TH0LE Country such as Kenya unless the accused is a poor chicken or cat thief. For the high and mighty Justice is sold in Cash. The ENTIRE Kenya judiciary is rotten from the head.

All this kamatakamata on Fridays will lead to ZERO convictions. They will only steal more when they get back in office so as to secure their future. Why were the Akashas found Guilty in the USA?

Shida kubwa ni shody investigations, judge hawezi funga mtu unless proven beyond reasonable doubt alifanya makosa. Those judges take advantage of weak evidence presented before them to sell their judgement. Hata saa hii if you put those judges who ruled on the Akasha’s you will not be able to convict them of anything because they covered all their bases. Watasema na wakuonyeshe vile evidence ililetwa kwa koti haikua inatosha kuwafunga. This is why whenever I see police executing “suspects” kiExtrajudicial then waKenya wanaClap na kuwapongeza naskia mbaya sana. That is reinforcing the lazy culture in police of not conducting proper investigations and gathering the right evidence to prosecute criminals. Polisi wanataka wafanye kazi yao kienyeji vile walishika Sonko mpaka wakamuumiza then waseme judge amelipwa akimuachilia aende hospitali.

Let them gather all the right evidence halafu prosecutor aifikishe kortini uone kama judge atauza kesi.

It is the same reason we applaud instant justice by cops because courts huku are a sham. Jamaa hushikwa na bunduki that has done several murders, anapelekwa ndani, kidogo ameshatoka due to lack of evidence anarudi with double vengeance. The damage they do is very heavy and irrepleceable.

Ngoja upatikane na hawa maboyz ndio utajua why people applaud the police when they dispatch them to their maker.

That’s exactly what I am saying it’s a cycle of incompetence and greed all round. Hata wewe saa hii poslisi wakakushika na bunduki na wasiHandle your arrest and investigations properly bado unaweza kataa na kesi na itupiliwe on technical grounds.

What I’m saying is that bad investigations and prosecution of cases leaves judges with no option but to let criminals walk. Some judges take advantage of that and sell judgement.

If you see the evidence brought to court no judge can give a guilty verdict based on that. If you remember murgor when he was dpp wanted to prosecute the cocaine case to the fullest but the state frustrated him leading to his resignation. Tobiko was brought in to water down the casea

One problem is the Justice System itself. There will always be a disjunct between investigators and judges in the judicial process. The evidence needs to be vetted by an independent body before the case is started. In the US courts, many cases are presented before a grand jury. If they feel the evidence is good enough, a criminal case is initiated. All erroneous facts or weak facts can be rectified then. That way these rulings of no evidence after a 5 year case will be non existent. But you will need a visionary a Chief Justice to institute such changes. Every time I hear the names people mention for the next CJ, I just cringe. What the public expects vs the person being recommended is like day and night. Names are just personalities.