Corporate Bro Code In-tact

Sometimes the people you know at work help a brother out


Dude played chess and not checkers, huku majuu kunguru ziko very opportunistic kama umekafunga. They initiate divorce most of the times.


Little wonder players are itching to be traded for the Miami Heat!

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Be less of a moron, he probably planned that timeline. But stupid fucks with baby mama and child support issues are now stupidily seeing it as a corporate-backed victory for one of them.


Moron is the person who decided to give birth to an idiot you. Do you think he has the power to withhold his own contract without the power that be?
That was his wife not his ‘baby mama’ that was going after his wealth.
Learn to read and understand before replying.

The owner is known to be loyal to those who are loyal to him


It’s a simple back-room conversation , “don’t announce the renewal until I’m through with the devorce…”…okay. when you have the level of leverage this guy has, you can do that… you’re just an easily excitable fool.


she still made away with his millions

Nope. He is worth more now than before the divorce so that says a lot

And you think the owner of a whole team would risk federal litigation for just anyone? Think bigger than your eye sockets. There’s a whole world of knowledge out here


Kids went through the hole so at least he came out with something :sweat_smile:

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still does not justify giving a human being close to a billion shillings. In my opinion, divorce should not equate to a financial windfall of anything above the national minimum wage

Huko yuwes illuminati is women so lazima wanaume wapigwe sticks

the greatest wealth transfer in the US has not been through government development policy but simply mass media subliminal messaging encouraging women to take the money and skibidy skip skip skip to neverland

A moron in a third world country morning about a contractual agreement 1st world people get into willingly. Kijana, kwanza pigana na ujinga na ufukara

Ukiwa USA na umekafunga…either ufanyiwe vasectomy ndio usinaswe na child support or don’t marry for you will part with half your shit at the end. Huko kumejaa gold diggers. Mnasemnaga kenyans are gold diggers

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Unlike you I have actually lived and experienced life in first world countries. Most men get screwed over for not wearing a condom with child support.
This you would not know as you fathered bastards from a bedsitter in pipeline and went missing

Hii ya Kenya ni ligi ndogo as compared to what is happening in the yues. Some guys go bankrupt just from paying child support

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To be paid $l20M chances you have a team of professional advisors. Lawyers, Accountants, PR Executive s, Executive PAs etc. Hakuna kubahatisha hapa. It’s business nothing personal