The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus across China climbed sharply to more than 1,287, with at least 41 deaths reported as of Saturday morning.
At least five cases are also reported in Hong Kong, two in Macau, and three cases in Taiwan.
Worldwide, there are a total of 1,321 confirmed coronavirus infections, according to Al Jazeera’s count.

Question is, how well is kenya prepared in preventing it from crossing its borders seeing an influx of chinese nationalities in the country and around its neighbours? Do we have quarantined areas at our ports of entry and travel advisory or that would annoy our donors.

If we cannot control visible locusts, what about the invisible corona virus?


Africa ni Mungu tu, imagine if we had the weather calamities/earthquakes faced by Europe and other parts of the world.

Chinese government is reporting low figures to prevent panic. It’s possible those who are infected is higher than the reported number.

40 million people in 13 cities are quarantined.

Staggering number

Tofauti ya Mwafrika na Zebu ni nini? maybe Pembe pekee yake.

Wewe ni ng’ombe kweli.

Pay no mind to this dude. His posts usually look like that of an attention seeker. No solutions to African problems; just insulting, demeaning remarks.

[SIZE=7]Kenya on high alert with Coronavirus[/SIZE]

If we can’t deal with locusts… Yaani dede zimetukalia chapati…do you think we are anywhere close to being able to deal with a virus?

Guess who’s to blame? The Kenyan electorate