Coronavirus reaches AFRICA in first case

Ivory Coast tests a passenger from China for coronavirus in what could be the first case in Africa

[SIZE=7]Africa on high alert for cases of the coronavirus: AU[/SIZE]

The African Union says the continent is on high alert over the spread of the coronavirus that has been reported in Asia.

The Africa Centre For Disease is asking countries in the continent to be more proactive and start applying preventive measures

Hiyo African Union ni chieth tu,wacha tuombe Jehova Wanyonyi hiyo virus isiland bonobo continent,it will wipe a real good population of bonobos.If a country like China is struggling to contain the situation, now imagine Africa? Wacha tu we deal with Ebola in Congo

China despite the castigation they are worlds ahead. Their form of politics it’s for the same end. Before they built a 1000 bed hospital in a week. They are beating that record. Here it’s about a vision of 3 decades?