Coronavirus Proves that Indeed We are Bonobos

I mean, we Africans are closing down our nations (lockdowns, curfews, church closures, mosque closures, bar closures etc) just because other nations are doing it.
Then we pretend that those measures are ‘working’ yet deep down, we know that we are simply playing and that coronavirus is simply not gaining traction in our nations for whatever other reasons.
Do you think that the US or EU would close down their nations if they only had 300 or so cases?
Do you realize that a nation like Sweden, with 10,000+ cases and 1,000+ deaths has resisted the urge to inconvenience its citizens with such measures?
Aki sisi ni mabonobo tu.
3 more weeks of curfew for you.

i see alot of benefits for backward bonobo countries …people’s views on leadership , religion & manufacturing have changed… alafu stupid businesses will be forced into closure coz times will be hard economically

Trump was of the same opinion but now he is - minus 50k … follow the fucking guidlines.

You need to read more on the Swedish situation.

Those countries have public and private health systems that can accomodate those cases in just about every local region…Even the UK don’t have it easy…What do we have here? MTRH, KNH and few others which can easily be overwhelmed. Best we control a situation that can get out of hand…
Consider it learning from your neighbors example

Hizi ni gani?

In greek we say a coward will always go back home… this so called woke mudafakas irritate me to no end.
He should google patient 31 who is responsible for 5000 cases out of 9000 in south korea.

Who’s we?

40 billion in 40 days ,your prince is hoping that the novel corona virus hang around for a year,this fuckers will get out of this questionable disaster as dollar trillionares ,our hope is the virus to deal mercilessly with majority especially the ruling robbers and gangsters ,when we meet in hell we will all be equal

Sir, thread zako ni scary due to the level of low intelligence on display.

If this thing was to hit Kenya proper where do you think the sick will be put???

Do you have the money to treat them? Think clearly, analytically.

Sabina joy, rico, kericho east, new kitale bar ,amar lodging where bonobos rgo to buy Aids

Hahahaha. Brothels

sina shida na curfew. iletwe hata saa sita mchana

The good thing is that we have the likes of Burundi to compare with at the end of all this hullabaloo, and at the end of the year the number of deaths from Corona will not be any different in Kenya or Burundi or Tanzania, malaria and pneumonia will kill more.

malaria and pneumonia will kill more.

This level of ingorance /stupidity is unbecoming… take you time and listen