Coronavirus Ikifika Kenya Tumeish - Scenes in China




shyt is real, avoid crowds. Hard for shitty dwellers

Hii ugonjwa ni made in china, haina durability

Ikiingia kibera watu watakufa kama locusts. It will decimate Nairobi pesants in a week


Watu wapungue banaa, hii dunia inafaa tuwe kitu 3 billion ndio tuenjoy maisha.

Boss, hata Ebola ilijaribu haikumaliza. Watu bado wanakulana na kuzaa.
Hii ni moshi!

Be an example sir…kesho throw yourself off the cyber’s balcony

Sigwes jiua live live…but Corona virus ikinipata pia sitateta saaaaana.

There is a time tulikuwa tunaita malaya corona

Let’s issue travel advisories against China

Vile dunia inaenda manufacturers wa face mask watatajirika.

This box costs $5.99

Assuming your lucky to survive

Don’t you think you try too hard to outshine anyone? We have internet, Netflix and Spotify in Kenya. You were with jiggers leaving nyeri 30 years ago. It’s a new country here

Ok, but what about the lions? Are you guys still riding them to work or that changed after I left?

Malaya mzee tulia. You stand out to prove a point you don’t have. Rather than being in a hilly Billy town I don’t know.

:D:D:D Yada yada…yada.

I’m too busy embarking on yet another week of (paid) vacation. Life is good, God is good. All the time.

ile ingine ilikua inaitwa SARS ilienda wapi

Could someone be teaching the Chinese something? That said, let us just imagine we, the bononos, go head to head with uncle SAM. Itakuwaje after one week?

Do botox achana na vacation. What can you show on the bitch, oops beach

These people should avoid eating wild animals like RATs, Snakes, Bats and others. These animals are the source of virus. I now fully understand what God meant when he told the Israelis to only eat clean animals he had designated