Corona Virus Will Encourage Immigration Into Asia, America & Europe After Wiping Out 150 Million In Each Region

View everything with a positive light. Even the sinking of the Titanic was a blessing to the lobsters that were in the ship’s kitchen, they were not cooked and they escaped back into the sea. I see this thing wiping huge populations of countries such as Japan, South Korea where the majority of the people are aging (above 65).

In the US when it is finally full blown mzito Trump will beg educated immigrants to move into the US. I wish it gets out of hand imalize hawa mashetani.

People are being herded like goats kule Korea na Japan wakipigwa dawa kama ng’ombe kwa local dip

kweli wewe ni @Punda

i see your point … just know that war and pandemics are a part of the human evolution .Thats the only way cultures mix and empires are humbled…

The kind of terror that grips non-black people at the thought of us is just beautiful.

Even if we were immune,(like the rumours has it) Remember we depend on these countries and especially China like 75% . Right now most companies are reviewing their commodity prices.

Is this where you come in?:smiley: Not having cases of coronavirus reported isn’t necessarily a good thing with all these flights coming into jkia from China. Maybe there aren’t any cases because of inadequate testing or they could be hiding information to avoid creating panic. Anyway, facts don’t matter when it comes to how blacks are (mis)treated. God forbid the corona makes a serious showing in Africa ndio mtajua discrimination ni nini. I saw it during Ebola time and the ridiculous questioning about my trips to Africa.

I will laugh at you few months from now when treatment and or vaccine are available to the masses. Bonobos can never be allowed by nature to mix. We are still evolving and behind with the rest
of the world.

Spoken the truth! Negroes would ruin the infrastructure in those developed nations and convert them to ghettos.

Yaani this is a very stupid and insane possibility.

We are not immune and we don’t depend on them either.

What does your company manufacture,tell us Sir

Hot air mostly but also heated gases.

:D:D:Dingekuwa ya kutumaliza kill rate ingekuwa at least 30%… sahi ni 2%

my fren,tulizaga saa ingine trump and ameruka ikitajwa in one sentence its never that serious:D:D:D:D


you can run from reality but it will always catch up with you. Kibera and Mathare are here to stay

Sad but true.

Reverse racism is fucked up