Corona virus vaccine trials in Kenya.

In the video above from April 2020 president Uhuru said Kenya is not taking part in any vaccine trials.
Then 4 months later Kenyans are reported to be the Oxford University lab rats for the vaccine trial.

Some Kenyans will believe the government that there were no plans in April to use Kenyans as lab rats but not those of us who don’t trust this government.
Good luck to those who volunteer for the vaccine trials

Si nyeuthi wajitolee wahanga tujipeane kutest vaccine zote sababu sisi hatufanyi utafiti wowote kusaka hio vaccine.
Yani vaccine mass test subjects liwe changio letu…heroic…

This can be arranged coz some poor bonobos should be dead rather than strain the economy.

You just have to offer good money and ensure the bonobo signs a document showing that he has accepted his fate then anadungwa masindano.

Whether Kenyan or not, someone will have to test that vaccine. Hii kelele yote ni ya bure. After all, watu wengine watafanya R&D and testing alafu kazi yetu tu ni kutoa pesa kununua the finished product? Life is not that easy.

Will Kenya now get free vaccines because of participation? And I hope you will volunteer with your family since you think it’s a great idea. Will you?

Okay then, who will the vaccine be tested on? The bottom line is for the vaccine to be approved, it will have to be tested on somebody. Whether me or you or some mzungu or Asian, someone will have to make that sacrifice for humanity’s sake. Mzungu/Asian has already done R&D, what have we contributed as Africans? If some Kenyans want to participate in the trials, I think they are heroes rather than Guinea pigs.

When he was known as @Yunomi this was his profile photo. It should already tell you of what he thinks of white people holding injections or anything to do with white people medicines or hospitals.

Hata akipata homa I think he drinks Moso bamboo juice. He’d rather die than see a doctor who practices white man medicine.

Lakini kitu hajui ni kwamba akiwa mtoi alidungwa vaccine kaa kumi using white man needles and syringes.


Those poor bonobos are the ones who keep the economy afloat. they do all the work and dont get paid

We have contributed our land and resources which the mzungu and asian uses to make money for R&D

Well stated.

We need this vaccine.