Corona Virus is a SCAM

Its the Government to determine whether you are positive or negative, not science, not medical specialists. Ask @Purple how they determine someone has Corona Virus, what tests do they conduct? There is no coherent answer.
A tool to control the world through fear.
To make you give up your freedoms and liberties.[ATTACH=full]298420[/ATTACH]

@sani, I’ve been tested for the virus and can tell you it’s a nasty procedure. Someone puts a probe deep inside your nostrils and performs a painful sweep. You feel like the metal thingy has gone into your brain, horrible.
Anyway, the test is called PCR (of the virus antigen).

Don’t think so…my most haunting story is this guy from Some country in Africa…he walked in talking but was coughing ; he had an oxygen saturation of 75% which is hypoxia. Hx of HTN. Was a taxi driver in SF so it was probably community acquired. He needed to be intubated and had to call his family on the phone before this since he couldn’t get visitors.

So I would advise idiots out there to please shut the f**k up till you step into a hospital. All those idiots protesting without mask; they should have protested in their gishagi instead of going to the big town since some are now infected and will take it to the rural area and cause more deaths .
Peoples economic lifestyles will be destroyed but you can always make money another day unless you have some deals in heaven or hell.

Ni kunoma. You’re also in healthcare? Mungu atulinde!

People are dying alone since families are not allowed to the hospital. It’s the worst death ever …imagine dying knowing your family can’t come and spend the last hours with you and have to talk on FaceTime?

Admin but part time ER physician who has to join the battle. Hopefully I survive this and join academia

The worst part is that those protesting idiots are putting others in danger. If there was a way they would protest without endangering others, and get their wake up call by getting infected, that would be perfect.

I saw Alex Jones shaking people’s hands and I was just surprised. So many idiots.

C’mon man.
This something that’s real. The government is putting in measures to ensure that the country’s healthcare system does not get overwhelmed or breaks down under a surge in cases.
The most successful ways in successful countries such as South Korea was to locldown and conduct testing. That’s what developed countries are doing.
Walk into a hospital and tell those sick people in isolation wards that what they’re suffering from is a scam.
People are being buried in mass graves. What are you on?

Corona virus is a scam until it hits you or a family member. For a few weeks Chris Cuomo ( Ny Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Brother) has been quarantined in his house Basement after testing positive. He works for cnn and hosts the show from quarantine. He is still sick today btw. A few days ago his wife tested positive. So you wonder how? Then a neighbor got into a confrontation with him last week after spotting him with this wife and others outside inspecting a property they had just purchased. And went to report to police. Guess what, they were not socially distancing. And non had a mask. And the guy is positive. Talk about irresponsibility.

The inventor of the PCR is called Kary Mullis, he won a noble prize for it. He says PCR cannot be used to DIAGNOSE.

“Quantitative PCR is an oxymoron. PCR is intended to identify substances qualitatively, but by its very nature is unsuited for estimating numbers. Although there is a common mis-impression that the viral-load tests actually count the number of viruses in the blood, these tests cannot detect free, infectious viruses at all; they can only detect proteins that are believed, in some cases wrongly, to be unique to HIV. The tests can detect genetic sequences of viruses, but not viruses themselves.“
The Covid-19 test is a scam. The coronavirus has not even been isolated and there is no electronic micrograph of the virus. Media is using CGI.

Marriage sio nyingi zitakuwa affected lakini hizi turelationships na tudem zitakufa. Watu wameogopana, hakuna clubbing, hakuna fakkin ovyo ovyo, hakuna coffee dates za kishade, ni kukaa nyumbani. Messages simu za wazee zimeona in last 4 weeks!?! Hilarious!


Master Gibbs has answered himself. It’s a qualitative PCR which tests for the presence or absence of the virus. How it works is by comparing the genetic sequence of the material obtained from a person’s nostrils to the Wuhan virus.

For example…if Wuhan virus has a sequence that looks like this…3’CGUUUGGGGCCCT 5’…then, if ones nasal swab yields a similar pattern, as shown above, that person is deemed positive.


I am not a doctor though but…


Habari @Purple

Academia… We only want the best. For you, it’s best if you keep wiping shit from patients

Niko nyuma ya sani kwa hii maneno… #OpenUP

These guys are playing a game of ‘look here, not there!’… here being the corona propaganda and there being your rights, freedoms and economic independence. We will keep our focus on ‘there’.