Corona virus finally lands in Africa

4 Sudanese students from China have tested positive.
A Chinese plane has with a sick passenger has been quarantined at JKIA.
Ni kunoma…

Tumekula aflatoxin na Mercury. What is a corona

Hehe ni homa ya panya

Seriously, if this is true, expect a serious wipe out of Africans from the face of the earth.

Honestly, are we as a country taking the necessary precautions against this virus, despite warning from WHO?

Hiyo kitu ni homa tu ya kawaida.

Homa ya kawaida haiuwi bana



Now we want a holiday Proclamation.

‘Finally’ like it’s something that was being looked forward to?

Can’t cope with visible locusts and perennual food shortages what about microscopic viruses?

Yep it was. It crossed to murica leaving the dark continent untouched. Bonobos too useless to even get infected had to be students probably from wuhan studying chinese ancient martial arts bringing the scourge. May your god help you

The African and Latinos are immune to this chieth