Corona victim buried like a dog in siaya. At 2am


Damn it.

The grave is very shallow. Dogs would dig it out and spread the virus to the locals.

I don’t care what happens to my body when I die but I’d hate to think the people I leave behind would be so distressed.

In some countries like usa family members dont see the body of corona victim . Its cremated with no ceremony

This is so wrong. Why the hurry and the indignity? The pilot and the kra family were allowed decent burials. And kwanza it is western where they value burial rites a lot. Family must be traumatized

If the gava can’t handle one body ,what of hundreds…

I watched that video on twitter and I am so traumatized. How can you burry a human being like that? Even dogs are burried better bana. Imagine the mental torture his family is going through? Doctors say the virus can be killed by soap and water. The virus cannot penetrate the skin. They should just have disinfected the body, put it into a casket and give the departed a dignified burial.

Hawa wajinga hawajui this adds to the stigma. Sasa why would someone with the symptoms huko Siaya want to disclose.

we slowly going the Ecuador way

Very sad.

Sad to the family

Acknowledge the source of your comment to
Salah Abdi Sheikh PhD

Doctors say the virus is removed by sanitizers and normal soap and water. The virus is cannot penetrate the skin. Once the body is disinfected and covered well and put in a casket, can the virus burst out and spread?” :D:D

Different opinion: You sneak out of Mombasa (illegally) and manage to enter Nairobi that is zoned ( again illegally). You spend the night and then sneak out of Nairobi some how and end up dead in Siaya. And you still want us to bury you with dignity? Kaa nyumbani! This was justified, to be a lesson to others spreading the virus and feeling very important while at it.

He left Mombasa on 5th. Reached Nairobi same day. Am assuming have to have left Nairobi on 6th early before uhurus lockdown announcement on the evening of 6th to have made it to kisumu sameday. Unless maybe as a kpa employee he had prior instructions to isolate following the workmates death earlier?

Typical myopic keyboard clowns.

Give us a non myopic opinion priss

Not defending it by any means but in some cases the virus has been found to linger in dead bodies for upto 27 days. That’s why many countries are opting for cremation.

Pole for that brother haki. Aliona kwa news corona imeingia mwambao akajua lazima ahamie dala na ahepushe familia. In that guy’s mind, he was running away from danger and trying to protect his wife and children.

It’s a bonobo family. If it’s a rich family, the tune would have been different.