Corona :The five stages of grief - American edeshen

“China didn’t do better than us. They’re lying.”

“How can China do better than us?”

“Maybe they did better than us, but at what cost?”

“Oh shit, they really did better than us.”


China is the only world’s superpower. Ambia @Patco:D:D:D

@Purple you are in the anger stage

@patco alimalizwa na corona ama alienda wapi??

Kenyans wish for China’s ascendance for one reason only; which is the hope that US diasporans (like me) fall on hard times. Si najua hizi maroho. :smiley:

why are you dumb?

On the contrary, I wish you success. My sister ananukisha kitunguu huko kama wewe (I highly suspect you know her) and I couldn’t(partly) be where I’m had it not for the opportunities that the great US of A afforded her.
My support for China is based on admiration for rising above odds, its rich history and the fact that America has abused its dominant position.Imagine denying Iran medical supplies? A bipolar world will benefit everybody including Americans.
No more foreign wars and Yankees can finally go home.

I’ve always thought that Kibaki’s success can partly be attributed to Chinese funding.


Mgala muue na haki mpe. China are on another level. Do the US have a single bullet train? These bullet trains are being released one by one in Wuhan after parking for eleven weeks. Halafu tukaletewa mikebe. Aki wewe konyagi wewe!

You idiots give drunk Tribal Kibaki too much credit he doesn’t deserve…
Kibaki’s era was expanded and benefitted from the influx of illegal money from S. Sudan and Somali piracy, period.
The current economic upheavals in Kenya are a correction of this currency influx.

The US dominates on air transport, not rail except for cargo.

Sawa Dr Texan Rancher Ranger:D:D:D:D:D:D:D. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: