Corona Question

Do you think a boda boda guy, watchman in your house, estate or office, or a cleaner in your office, or your maid at home, or your barber, or a waiter working in a restaurant, will not show up to work and lose making money even if he knows he or she has Covid and is asymptomatic? Even if they show mild symptoms, do you think they will go and get a test at 4,000/= Kenya shillings? Do you think they will keep off work and maintain social distance at the expense of earning their daily bread and risk losing their job? I think NOT. Most Kenyans, unless they are on their death bed, will keep it to themselves and go on hustling. I think that is why we will eventually all get Covid. It is not practical to think that someone who is paid per day or for the effort they have to put in will go announcing to their employer that they have Covid symptoms and risk losing their income. They know that the stigma from their employers will mean they will lose their jobs permanently and they know that Covid tests are expensive so watavumilia tu and hope that they do not die from it. Social distancing and staying at home when you have symptoms is a rich persons approach. Majority of Kenyans will not follow that protocol.

Living on faith that it wont turn fatal nd eventually overcome it. The Almighty for us all.

My most favorite uncle was admitted at a hospital yesterday due to covid pneumonia, he is currently short of breath, on oxygen. Please pray for him and let us all do our part.

We must all wear masks and social distance! Especially the social distancing part ni muhimu sana and we should also avoid taking deep breaths when out in public.

Covid-19 will eventually infect everyone as much as you try to protect yourself. Even if you do your best to protect yourself, your kids, friends or relatives will bring it to you. Considering the fact that we don’t wear masks at home.

No I believe we all don’t have to get this terrible disease. At our house we wear cloth masks as often as posible or whenever one of us is feeling abit under the weather and we’re not sure whether it’s covid. The CDC has recommended that we should be wearing masks even when we’re at home especially if there are other people living in the same house. With the upcoming holidays it will be very important to wear them or cancel gatherings altogether. Or take the celebrations online.

Pole sana. I wish him a quick recovery

Corona is a gavament hoax, and we’ve put enough evidence here

Corona is the great reset. Conspiracy theorists believe in the coming decades, the mouth and nose will be classified as private parts, hence to be constantly covered up!¡