Corona Management - Office Disinfectant and Humidifier

This machine will help you manage the safety in the office environment by disinfecting the place. Place it on the corner of the office and set it…it will be going on and off after the time you had set…

The disinfectant is food grade and approved by KEBS, so it has no adverse side effects.
You can also put water without the disinfectant, because scientifically, when the room humidity is between 40-60% corona virus is kaput.

Other than the safety, remember your business depends on the confidence of your clients in the safety of your premises.

Naeza eka weed/nyasore to get me high when am indoors bila kufuruta moshi.

This thing will do more harm than good. Just wear masks, wash your hands and sanitize

Won’t higher humidity make the virus to survive longer in air and on surfaces, i thought what we need is higher temperatures and low humidity. Also making air more turbulent won’t it spread the virus more?

Ultraviolet light is the best.