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Now some Kenyans have been left without to jobs thanks to COVID-19. I just became a part of that statistic. It is scary as hell but it is what it is and the only option now is to REINVENT! Over the years in the 8-5 I managed to open a side hustle juggle with full time employment and managed to save a healthy amount- 7 figures. Now I have the opportunity of a hall right next to a busy stage- rent free[SIZE=1](long story)[/SIZE] and I want to open a mini supermarket! I have read a lot of articles online now looking for actual experiences. Any advice going into this? Anyone who has successfully set up shop? What are the does & don’ts?Tricks of the industry?

Don’t know much about the industry but first check if there are any established supermarkets around that area. If there isnt, set up your mini supermarket very fast but if there is maybe scale down and try a wholesale which at times surpasses a supermarket in turnover and profits.

Starting a supermarket is quite stressing from a friend’s recent experience. Just start but after Corona crisis

I’m told you need starting cash for entire after which, upon earning the vendors will be willing to give you 14 day terms

Since you’re managing it yourself, you have the advantage of not having to hire a manager. Otherwise you would have to hire someone who knows that industry well. Success depends on how good the manager is. The rest of the staff I hear are not as crucial

go for it just dont too much rescources until kustabilize

Start small but make sure you set up business in a well populated location.